Thursday, March 24, 2016

Assumption Church Parishioners-Bayonne, Hudson County NJ. This Is Your Big Chance. Occupy Now!

Bayonne, NJ (07002) 10 Day Weather Forecast
Easter Sunday March 27th 52 degrees 0% chance of rain 60% Humidity

Note To: Our Lady Of Assumption Parishioners Bayonne

I have good ideas. I’m always just way ahead of everything always!
Me; personally, I’d have been Occupying since they closed Assumption’s doors in December. But the weather; was not, cooperative, so that wasn’t possible.

But now,; this week (and from here on out), good weather even if you all spill out into the streets, just hanging out, party weather.

Now, the weather is perfect. 

This Is Your Big Chance.

It’s Officially Easter Week!


Get All Your Friends And Relatives,

Fill, Mt Carmel, St Mary’s And St Andrews Church(s) With Parishioners, At Every Mass!

You can do it. 
Dress warm. Go get some thermal shirts, if you feel the cold easily. they'll all be on sale by now. 

It’s like a sign from God, this beautiful balmy weather so people can easily Occupy at the holiest time of the year.

Just as; Jesus Occupied Palestine, you should show the Archdiocese, in the strongest possible way, that you want your Church back!
Get the media involved.
NYC/NJ News Sources

✰Archdiocese Of Newark, NJ-Please Do Not Close Assumption Church✰

This is your chance make a big show.

Keep up the pressure on the Archdiocese.

I, would start this Protest, Now.  Easter And I Would Continue it,  Every Saturday And Sunday (*All The Masses, And Whenever Else Possible), Until The Archdiocese Gives In!

You have a lot of people. Even if you only pack Mount Carmel Church it will show, the Church is too small for all of you.

And why should you have to travel all the way downtown, in weather like this past winter? That would be a hardship and definitely cut back on Church attendance.

As long as you still have the Church Property, you all still have a good chance.
It would appear the Archdiocese has no real plans.

After all; it would be an atrocity, to tear down that beautiful building!

The land itself, isn't worth that much.

Even 1/2 a block in Bayonne, isn't.

It's not, in, the best financial interest, of the Town or Archdiocese, to destroy, the Community, by desecrating this beautiful Church!

I was right when i told the Archdiocese, they would have to heat the building all winter anyway. For sure!

✰In Memory Of;  Joe Zicarelli,
A Good Man✰

Monday, March 21, 2016

First Day Of Spring, Birthday Party, Music, Music, Music!

And My Mother, who taught me everything I know.
Without whom, I wouldn’t be here.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize!

 ✌✌✌✌✌ Voting Info-2016

Contact Government

United States Congress

Totally Free US Gov’t Immigration Info-Links, DACA/DAPA And Cesar Chavez

The DREAM Act Portal

Child Farm-Workers


Youth In Agriculture US Department of Labor 

Children's Act for Responsible Employment H.R.2342 - CARE Act of 2013

United Farm Workers Of America New Immigration Process

United Farm Workers (UFWA)

UFW-sponsored AB 2757, "The Phase-In Overtime for Agricultural Workers Act of 2016. Sign the pledge today and commit to standing with farm workers to ensure they get the same overtime rights as other California workers.


Cool Charity
Take to the Hills; is a Douglas, Arizona based project that collects clothing, food, water, blankets, building supplies, medical supplies, school supplies and other items then delivers them directly to communities in the Sierra Madres, Sierra Alta, Rio Sonora and other regions of northern Mexico.
Del Cabarga, Program Director
(520) 236-4675 Cellular 

A donation of $100 will move a thousand pounds of clothing and supplies about three hundred miles. 
$500 will move a thousand pounds from Southern California into the Sierra Madres.

All donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.
Make check or money order out to: Summerland Monestery, earmarked for Take to the Hills.
Mail to:
Del Cabarga
1214 11 Street Douglas, Az

"Our Lady Of The Fields"

Love To Everyone,ga

Monday, March 7, 2016

St Patrick's Day, My Birthday, Spring, For Sure!

March, Sure Is A Great Month. 

Irish Country
Ya, ha, San Antone.

My Birthday Is, 3 Days After St Patricks Day.

I couldn't wait. I plan on celebrating from here on.

I learned how to use a computer for the first time in March, 2008. Never touched one before. But; I'm fast, on a typewriter.

I started blogging, because I wanted to help our Troops and Veterans and The Young People Everywhere.

Politically; the good of the people, is my concern, as a Sociologist.

I'm from New Jersey aka The Garden State, but not called that, recently. I lived in Northern NJ (Bayonne, Hudson County) and Southern NJ (Bricktown, Ocean County). So having seen how beautiful untouched nature is and then seeing how big energy destroys, I'm an environmentalist.

I had an Irish Mother and A Jewish Father. I'm from a very small town. Three miles long and one mile wide.

We're the poor relations; but my Father's family practically built Bayonne. So there was always a lot of scrutiny about me.

My Birthday is 3 and 1/2 days after Saint Patrick's Day; so, I'm always convinced that my hometown parade, is for me. (The Parade's always held the Sunday after Saint Patrick's Day and often; it actually is, my Birthday).

No one there, has ever contradicted me. If you know me; you can guess, I'm the best friend they ever had.  

And I'm the only one; who knows all the words, to every song, that the bands and pipers are playing.

From when I was a baby until 2nd grade (when we moved down to South Jersey). I spent a lot of time being dragged around in one of my Father's bars. 

I was always the way I am now.

When I was little; 5, years old, some of the local/neighborhood guys (customers), used to scream every time I walked in the door with my Mother.

Epithets like; "Oh no, the holy terrors here, or "Oh no, it's the little hurricane".

They had several, names for me. Total exaggerations!

I promptly squirted them, with my little red water gun. My Mother would say "don't shoot the boys with your water gun", but I did anyway. I didn't want to even be there. I would have rather been home, coloring in my coloring books with my 64 box of Crayolas or watching tv.

I was not anti-social. I had tons of Sailor friends who used to take me to the toy store and buy me anything I wanted. No one was allowed to have a beer until they did. Well ok one or two.

The bar was about 5 blocks from our town's; then, Naval base. I knew Sailors from all over the world. My best friend, was from the Cayman Islands.

I wasn't spoiled either. Half my toys used to always disappear. I had lots of poor cousins. One of my Aunt's had 10 children.

As everyone knew my Father and Mother, everywhere. They all knew me on sight.

So I could never get away with anything. Even though I did get attention and away with a lot.

My Irish Mother was great on the guilt tripping. That, and with the help of Saint Jude, to whom she prayed every day. I escaped the sixties without getting into too much trouble (it was the seventies, eighties and nineties that were murder).

I was born in Margaret Hague Hospital, Jersey City New Jersey. It was an excellent hospital. Art Deco styling. The best and it was free.

Yes, on the first full day of Spring. My Mother said that on the day I was born; it rained, it snowed and the sun shone.

A Chinese Lady Doctor delivered me. She told my Mother, that in her country, they would call me "Spring Flower." Apparently, I was a Hippie from birth. My Mother named me Georgia. Thus my ga, sig.

Born at the Margaret Hague Facebook

I don't listen to the negative talk about Mayor Hague. He did a lot for Jersey City. Frank Hague Mayor of Jersey City 1917-1947.  

Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital

Jersey City Medical Center 

Righting the Roma Foundation
B-4810 Mary Street
Port Alberni BC
V9Y 7H2

☮Peace And Justice☮

The ICB Traveler Equality Project
The Irish Chaplaincy Project; is a charity that provides services and support to excluded, vulnerable and isolated people in the Irish Community in Britain, irrespective of their beliefs and attitude to the Church.

The reality of life in Britain today for many Irish emigrants is not the migrant’s dream. Many of those who came to England in the 1950s and 1960s face isolation and severe poverty; over 1,000 Irish men and women are in custody; and Irish Travelers remain among the most marginalized groups in society.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Birthday Party! Music, Music, Music, Almost.

(Images-Birthday Cakes)

I'm a poet, and you know, I know it!
Besides, how could I lose with all this great talent.

EPA/Environmental Protection Agency

Fossil Fuel Disasters in the US

Petition Stop DuPont Chemical from Poisoning New Jersey Families

Interactive Map: Toxic Chemical Releases in NJ 


Marcellus Shale Reality Tour

Thank You Phil, You're A Great Teckie! 

Thanks to; my Mother And Father, College Professors, Everyone who has helped me survive, grow and get where I am today. I learned so much from all of you.  I couldn't have done it without  your help and guidance


Good Nutrition, So Important/Resources

Michelle Obama and Ellen 'Uptown Funk'

Let's Move


"It Don't Mean a Thing; If, It, Ain't Got, That Swing."

Irish Youth Foundation
DogPatch, Unit 1
The CHQ Building
Custom House Quay
Dublin 1
Tel + 353 1 676 6535
Fax + 353 1 676 9893

Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me

♥Saudi Arabia-Free Blogger Raif Badawi♥

Note To: Our Lady Of Assumption Parishioners Bayonne, NJ Occupy Mass! Occupy Mt Carmel Church.

They want 1,700 OLA Parishioners to  travel either all the way across town, to Mount Carmel Church,  or all the way downtown, to St Mary's and St Andrew's Churches.

I say: 
Fight back!

Show The Archdiocese that the Parishioners of Our Lady Of Assumption aren't fooling around!

Put the spotlight on Mt Carmel Church. How it couldn't; even within the realm of possibility, have room, for so many Parishioners. This is obvious.

Get all the Parishioners to go to Mass at Mt Carmel.

Every Mass.

Especially the Saturday night and Sunday Masses.

Fill the Sunday Masses with so many Parishioners, that they spill out onto the sidewalk. Coincidentally,  Mt Carmel has a lot of room outside.

Just cram as many Parishioners into every Mt Carmel Mass that you can.

Make an impression. 

Old saying; "Seeing, Is Believing."

Assemble the largest crowds possible, to flood Every Mass with people!

Contact, TV News Media! Get TV News Coverage. Make so much noise the Media can't ignore you!

Sometimes; to convince people, you gotta be, "in their face, obvious."

This; also show's the Archdiocese, what they want to see. People attending Mass and contributing to the Church.

Show the Archdiocese that they made a mistake.

*An Even Greater Impact; Would Be, To Occupy, All Three Church's, With People Spilling Out, Into The Street! Assumption Parish Has Enough Parishioners To Accomplish This Easily.

Can you imagine what a stir, that could cause with the proper publicity!  If EveryoneFrom OLA, Occupies Every Mass At All Three Church's, From Now Until Easter!

Archdiocese; really, can't expect people to go all the way downtown to St Mary's or St Andrews. That would be too far and a hardship.

But any way; all 3 of these Church's together, are not big enough to fit, 1.700 or more, Parishioners, in addition to their own Congregations! 

Show them; how, all three of these other Church's aren't big enough to hold Our Lady Of Assumption’s many Parishioners.

It’s just as cheap to keep Our Lady Of Assumption open; as it would be, to add more Masses. (Which, wouldn't solve the overcrowding problem anyway, if everyone still decided to all attend, at the same time).

I Don't Know How The Archdiocese; Could Even Consider, Closing This Beautiful Church!
Solidarity OLA!

 This Easter Season; Is, The Perfect Time To 


Oh yeah and don't forget, Red Mike's Marching Band!

That's what I would do.

Carry your signs. Always use dark lettering for signs or the writing doesn't show up on pictures good.

Organize, hold meetings, plan a strategy ie how and when to get what people to whatever Church, etc.

Fight back beyond the letter writing, phone calling.

Take my advice. Try it now through Easter. 

See what happens. You have nothing, to lose.

The Archdiocese; can't dispute, visible proof.

Don't I always know what I'm talking about? (Unlike some people, who will, remain nameless).

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

♬Immigration Info; Free US Gov't Links, Irish History, Leprechauns, Music♬

Happy, St Patrick's Day♫

March Is National Irish Heritage Month

♥For My Grandfather Michael Murphy♥ He worked on the Central Railroad; in Jersey City, NJ, (100 years ago). Unloading box cars with a big hook.
He and his fellow workers, sweltered in the summer and froze in the winter!


My Mother told me that when she was a little girl.
The young guys who hung out on the street corner of her Montgomery Street; Jersey City, NJ neighborhood would always ask her, "Mary Murphy, what nationality are you?"
And she'd say, "Proud Irish!"

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), is the government agency that oversees lawful immigration to the United States.

USCIS will secure America’s promise as a nation of immigrants by providing accurate and useful information, granting immigration and citizenship benefits, promoting an awareness and understanding of citizenship.

USCIS Forms USCIS Forms are Free.

Green Card And More Info

♥We Are All The Children Of Immigrants♥

Hi Joe♥
Gov't And Social Services Links For Our Marines♥ All Our ♥Troops And ♥Veterans

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Everyone

National Immigration Forum Facebook

Lower East Side Tenement Museum
103 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002
Tel 212-982-8420

Saint Patrick's Day Recipes

Saint Patrick And The Shamrock


The Irish Lobby For Immigration Reform (ILIR)

Irish American wikipedia

Irish Catholic Immigration To America The Library of Congress

The Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Foundation Free Search, Ellis Island/Port Of New York Immigration Records

Statue of Liberty National Monument The Statue of Liberty National Monument and the Ellis Island Immigration Museum are a popular tour activity for visitors to New York City.

Ellis Island, The historical gateway for millions of immigrants to the United States.

1892 to 1924 America's "Golden Door"

Castle Garden From August 1, 1855 through April 18, 1890, immigrants arriving in the state of New York came through Castle Garden. America's first official immigrant examining and processing center, Castle Garden welcomed approximately 8 million immigrants.

Castle Garden; (Castle Clinton or Fort Clinton), was once a circular sandstone fort, located in Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan Island, New York City, in the United States. It subsequently became a beer garden, an exhibition hall, a theater, the first immigration station (predating Ellis Island) and finally a national monument. 26 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005-1996 (212) 344-7220

97th Infantry Regiment

by dozens of them

The High Kings Official Home

Peace And Justice

Co-Operation Ireland
Belfast Office (see on Google Maps)
5 Weavers Court Business Park
Linfield Road
Belfast BT12 5GH
Northern Ireland
Phone: +44 (0)28 9032 1462
Fax: +44 (0)28 9089 1000

Co-operation Ireland is the leading peace-building charity on the island of Ireland. Co-operation Ireland works with: Youth and Community Groups, Schools, Local Authorities, the Media, Statutory Organizations and local and central Government.

My Grandfather Mike, is the one who taught me to love Irish music. He would play the Irish records for me. He played the Darling Girl From Clare over and over and over. Mike really loved me.

My Uncle Timmy Murphy (Mike's Son), is the one who taught me to love to read.

When I was real little maybe 3, I had a fairy tales book as big as myself.

My Uncle Timmy would read it to me for hours.

He'd read a couple of stories and say, "I have to go now." I'd say, just one more story.

He'd read another story and say, "Ok? I have to go now." I'd say, just one more story.

We would repeat this until I fell asleep. This would go on, through many stories.