Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Rolling Chairs In Atlantic City, NJ ☆In Honor Of Black History Month☆

Real African American Heroes

Atlantic City's First Rolling Chairs

My Parents and I, used to go to Atlantic City all the time when I was young, (1950's and 60's). I had Cousins who lived there.

My Cousin Roy and I used to ride on the rolling chairs together every time I visited. (The more modern ones that Roy and I used to ride on were open in the front and on the sides).

Roy was one of the nicest young people I've ever met. He was grown up when he was 11. Roy didn't fight with a girl the way most boys did.

Everyone on the boardwalk knew and loved, my Cousin Roy, he used to run errands for them all.

We had such a good time on the rolling chairs and I remember the middle aged African American Men who used to push them from one end of the Boardwalk to the other! African-American Workers Crucial To Atlantic City's Rise by Kathleen O'Brien/The Star-Ledger February 24 2012

The Atlantic City Boardwalk was so beautiful back then! I remember the Steel Pier And Salt Water Taffy. The Planters Peanut Store, Mr. Peanut walking around, The pigeons who would eat peanuts out of your hand, Ripley's little museum on the Steel Pier, The Diving Horse, cotton candy, candy apples, The salt water taffy store and so much more. But riding on the rolling chairs with my Cousin Roy was the best!

These are my memories of Atlantic City.

New Jersey Atlantic County Atlantic City

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We've Got To Tell The Children The Truth! Stephen Marley

This is loud so you might want to turn your sound down.

Mind Control
by me

First Rule
Isolate the Victim.

Second Rule

Convince them that they like it.
Oh No, Stockholm Syndrome!

Third Rule
Recruit and Convince Accomplices.

Fourth Rule

Argue with the victim.

Fifth Rule

Leave occasionally (randomly but consistently).

Sixth Rule

Beat the victim occasionally physically or emotionally, threaten often!
Demoralize them to the point that they believe anything you tell them as truth!

Seventh Rule

Never let the victim forget you are (supposedly), superior to them.

Eighth Rule
Pretend Nothing's Going On.

WHY? My theory is

Free 411-(directory information) telephone number It's 1-800-373-3411 There's a commercial but it's free. Local phone companies charge up to $1.25 per information call, after the 2 free ones per month).

Just The Links Man
, Well Almost. ♥New And More Social Services Links For Civilians And Veterans♥ [Updated]

There are 72 million children out of school across the world!
That's more than all the children that are primary school across Europe, USA, Canada, Australia combined. The world has the opportunity to ensure that every child has an education, and the chance to beat poverty.
1GOAL: Education for All

World leaders have the power, the resources, and the knowledge to achieve education for all.

1GOAL will be asking all leaders to make Education for All a reality. In order for us to achieve our 1GOAL we need your help and your support.

I Support 1GOAL, Education For All And Call On World Leaders To Provide Education For 69 Million Children By 2015

Love, Peace☮ And Justice,

The Three Strikes Law Should Have Been Abolished, Years And Years Ago!
Every crime should be judged on it's own!

Not; Oh you got busted three times for being stupid, so now you go to jail for life! That's not justice!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Remember Jackson Avenue Jersey City!

In Memoriam February 11th, 2012 Rest In Peace Whitney We All Love You And Will Miss You A Lot!

The Communipaw Avenue Block Association CABA is a group of concerned residents and business owners working to restore the Jersey City Lafayette area to a clean, healthy, safe and drug free environment. Bergen-Lafayette, is between Greenville to the south and McGinley Square to the north. It also borders Liberty State Park and Downtown to the east and the West Side. wikipedia

The Homeless Social Network CityRoof connects homeless people with each other, services, and people who care.

When I was about 5 years old my Mother used to take me shopping on Jackson Ave, in Jersey City NJ. It was beautiful, a thriving business community. Now it's a hellish slum! I have nightmares about being on Jackson and Ocean Avenues late at night! War In The Ghetto Somebody has to help these kids!

She also used to take me shopping on Broad Street in Newark, NJ. Broad Street was beautiful too, stores everywhere! Now; crime, drugs, alcohol. There's a bar on every corner in America's cities! (Voice of Experience here, bar owner's daughter).

Newark to break ground on long-awaited Teachers Village by Sarah Portlock
The Star-Ledger February 09, 2012.
I haven't researched the controversy about "charter schools". But this looks like an excellent opportunity for the City of Newark.

Back in the 1960's, I went to a public grammar school like this Excel Academy! Not so much fun, but equal curriculum. I lived in the suburbs of South NJ, a growing community. We had a brand new Junior/Senior High School!

I guess it's all about who's running the school, curriculum, etc. While emphasis should be placed on improving our cities public schools, I think in a large city like Newark, some charter schools are appropriate. (Although; I don't see the need for more than just a few, in smaller cities like Jersey City).

But definitely, not schools owned by large corporations like they want to do in

Since 1 in 5 Charter Schools fail; handing public schools over to big business, the people who have already destroyed our economy, seems counter-productive!

Now all we have to do is get rid of the street drugs, the guns and the booze!

I know prescription drugs! Short version

I got hurt in 2000 and had the worst doctors in the world! Medicare and Medicaid are pretty much worthless!

After 3 neck and shoulder MRI's They ran up over $20,000 in Medicaid (alone) costs 15%. Medicare paid the other 85%, not included in the above total! I know; because, besides the fact I had to act as my own lawyer, social security made me pay $5,000 of the Medicaid costs, back out of a meager settlement I'd gotten.

I didn't know you had to make an immediate police report if injured. Then immediately go to, (or better, be brought to the hospital by ambulance).

Even if you don't think your injured you probably are. Injuries are hard to spot unless one is a doctor. Then one must make a police report and see a Lawyer within the hour, in fact you can make a police report right at the hospital. That's one reason why the Cop is always there.

Prescription drugs, (of any kind, tranquilizers and antidepressants, are amongst the very worst), and are totally mind numbing and very dangerous! Just because a doctor prescribes a drug doesn't mean it's safe. Unfortunately, some people have to take prescription drugs. But I wouldn't, forget recreationally. I wouldn't take any of that over the counter stuff either!

I definitely wouldn't mix any of them with alcohol or other drugs without expecting disaster! I'm 62 and I've been around. I had the best shrink in New York City (for over a year). Hi Jack

Back to 2000

One codeine I finally got the third dr. to prescribe made me so edgy a baby crying ten aisles away in a grocery store made me crazy!

The first dr gave me the opiate mixed with over the counter medicine, didn't touch the pain of a torn rotators cuff and whiplash! These are the most common on the street. And you know some will drink with them.

The second dr; almost a year later, gave me vicadan, (another toxic one), drink with it and lose your liver, probably be in a stupor too!

I told this butcher dr. I had an allergic reaction, My skin turned bright red and I had a burning feeling. I was still very red when I saw the dr a day or two later, I told him about my bad reaction, and he told me, "take tylenol". I said I'm allergic to Tylenol and he said, "then take nothing". This was the Orthopedic dr who did my MRI's! He refused to give me anything and I had no medication at all for almost a year!

The third dr almost killed me with the Duragesic Patch mixed with ibuprofen I think. (It was only 25mg. the next to weakest one too). I was very sick and my sadist dr. kept telling me I was crazy!

I heard people out there are shooting fentanly! This is an illustration of that they have no idea what they're doing! NEVER CUT A FENTANYL PAIN PATCH, the dose becomes totally unstable. It will leach out into the skin and your clothing. It remains active to various degrees.

I know prescription drugs! 3 doctors, 4 years of prescription drug hell! So I know what happens when they fall into young inexperienced hands!

Whitney Houston Was The Finest Singer Of Her Generation And One Of The Finest Singers, Of All Generations! Thank You JekyllnHyde for saying that.

I was thinking; although I wish she'd stayed, and while Whitney Houston could have lived to be 90 years old, her death is going to have a great impact on educating many of the young people in America.

Everyone Loved Whitney! This tragedy will save so many young lives. Children learn from the people they idolize.

Whitney Left Them A Message, "Don't Do Drugs And Don't Drink Alcohol. And Never Do Them Together"!
I've told kids panhandling on the streets in NYC, I used to be just like you. (in the 80's), as I gave them a dollar, and each one an extra quarter too.

I Know Whitney Is In Heaven!

Whitney Houston left a great legacy, both with her music and with her loving nature. We Will Always Love You Whitney

Love, Peace And Justice