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All New Totally Updated-Jersey City NJ Sues In Federal Court To Stop spectra's gas pipeline

♥For My Grandfather Michael Murphy. He worked on the Central Railroad; (in Jersey City), 100 years ago. Unloading box cars with a big hook.
He and his fellow workers, sweltered in the summer and froze in the winter!

And For ♥All My Friends In New Jersey, New York♥ And Everywhere♥ Or; It Ain't Over, Till It's Over.

The Continuing Saga of; Stop spectra gas, aka The New Jersey-New York Expansion Project

Contact The Government
Tell them,  No spectra pipeline!

State Government Offices Local US Government, City Government And Federal Government

E-Mail New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Tell him, stop the spectra pipeline!

This is Really Scary!

From Bayonne to Hoboken, spectra's controversial natural gas transportation pipeline is expected to start pumping gas November 1st by Joseph R. Vena/The Jersey Journal October 24, 2013

Construction and testing are finished. Now this gas pipeline will go into service next month, with gas flowing  through Bayonne, Jersey City and offshore Hoboken.

The spectra pipeline is expected to pump 800 million cubic feet of gas a day, starting in Linden and eventually making its way to Manhattan, the completion of the $857 million project.

In December 2012, Jersey City filed a lawsuit in Federal Court to halt construction of spectra's proposed pipeline.

It hasn't been heard yet. I read the news every day awaiting the Court's decision so I know it hasn't been settled yet. Jersey City is still waiting the Federal Courts pending decision concerning the overturning of FERC's decision.

On June 28 2012, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) granted approval to spectra to proceed with construction of the pipeline and ok'd spectra's original proposal.

Incredibly; spectra wants to run the Manhattan portion of the pipeline from, Liberty State Park in Jersey City, past the Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, Castle Garden (War of 1812 Era Fort Clinton And America's first immigrant receiving center), The Holland Tunnel, The New Jersey Turnpike, etc and off Hoboken's pristine shoreline, into Manhattan's West Village. Spectra laying a pipeline to bring FRACKED gas into the West Village

This is crazy!

I wrote this diary because I love New York City, Jersey City and they really turned Hoboken into a beautiful city. I have many friends in Manhattan and Jersey City.

I don't know how spectra got a permit for this project to begin with.

Considering the large number of people all over Jersey City, NYC and with the West Village's congestion, allowing spectra's gas pipeline in this densely populated area, is totally reckless and irresponsible!

I realize that, someone does not care about us at all!
 Stop spectra natural gas [transportation] pipeline!

Jersey City spectra energy pipeline Council Caucus 02/22/2011

Detailed Maps-Proposed Pipeline Route

The Danger

Natural Gas Spectra Energy Delayed Critical Natural Gas Pipeline Repairs, Maintenance for Years in Pennsylvania

What a Pipeline Explosion Looks Like Edison, New Jersey

Learn in two minutes about how spectra and con ed plan to bring fracked gas, laced with radon, into New York via a new explosive, high pressure pipeline. This is bad for the environment and bad for New Yorkers.

Occupy Spectra NYC Aug 11, 2012 Occupy and NYC residents out in force to oppose the construction of an explosive pipeline that proposes to deliver radon-infested fracked gas from the Marcellus.

spectra interstate gas pipeline
Contact Spectra Energy Watch. Where Eminent Domain Meets Grassroots & Social Media. Private property rights are fundamental to freedom.

Founding father Samuel Adams described it as an “essential” right and wrote, “that no man can justly take the property of another without his consent.”
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Manhattan Side PSA

The Statue Of Liberty Thanks You All For Your Activism

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