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You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover

Adventures In Internet Shopping
Or caveat emptor.
A concept I'd heard of in connection with internet shopping and one I'm sure, you all already know about. This was the first time I ever shopped online, except for my Dell computer, (and then I talked to a sales rep on the free 800 number).

Here's the story.

As I related in my July 24th diary; (Is There A Lawyer In The House???), my HUD housing complex went smoke free in 2012.

But they neglected to send out notices. No one told me, until a new property manager (third one in five years), came to my apt on another un-related matter and noticed I smoke. Property management expected people to see it in their lease when they renewed it. But I had cataracts and didn't see it.

Now just like that, I've been given an eviction notice called a "notice to quit." (there's no law; unless, we know how to and fight for ourselves. One reason; why, a good education, is so important).

I immediately called my local Seniors Center. Asked for a Lawyer's name (Even legal aid is fine for my case). I moved in here 5 years ago on the condition that smoking was allowed.

Now, the buildings in their HUD housing complex next door, went smoke free this year.This time they sent them notices.

They've Grandfathered people in the other complex in; giving them, at least a year to prepare, get smoke cessation help etc.

I didn't benefit from any; "Grandfathering in," (year to comply, etc), when they did that in my buildings, not having known, until two months ago. Then being expected to comply, immediately.

So apparently, I've been denied due process of law.
Fifth Amendment: Due Process. The government may not deprive citizens of “life, liberty, or property” without due process of law. This means that the government has to follow rules and established procedures in everything it does.

You know I called a Lawyer immediately.

That "notice to quit" is a legal maneuver, that has to addressed and as the old saying goes "he who acts as his own Lawyer, has a fool for a client", without a Lawyer they don't care.

They'll run a non-professional ragged, with all the legal terms, lies, etc.

You know this property has Lawyers. That's where they got the notice to quit forms from.

I got a Lawyer, pro bono. They're called, The Seniors Law Project .

I; rented my apt, on the basis I could smoke here.

I'm too disabled, to walk to the property line when the parking lot is a sheet of ice.

So basically they would be demanding that I stop smoking.

That's a violation of my fourth amendment right to privacy, which is even more strongly protected in the home. Whether you rent or own.

We have Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter Senator Jeanne Shaheen up here in NH and they wouldn't let anyone throw a crippled Senior out in the street. All you have to do is email them. They always help.

I'm buying a Vaporizer. I don't want to smoke anyway. I hate cigarettes, I can't breath and the ashes are awful!
My local Senior Center; gave me the name of an organization, called, "The Seniors Law Project." Apparently, they are, nation wide.

I could have the Sheriff at my door Tuesday, (but I doubt it). My thirty days to comply are up then. 

I got a lawyer and I will comply. Because; once a person starts vaping; they like it so much, they never go back to combustion type smoking, like cigarettes.

I know about; not buying a cheaper vaporizer, because I've had two.

Both were returned because they were not suitable for tobacco. But I've gotten some puffs out of them in the meanwhile, so I know. 

I saw a calculator that say's, at six dollars a pack, I'll save over $4,000 a year vaping loose tobacco compared to buying it by the pack or carton.

I have the situation well in control and again maintain the upper hand, as every consumer should. 
It's better to vape. Not worth a war with property owners. Who has the energy or the patience? Good rule to remember, (You get what you pay for. I pay $95 a month for a 750 square ft apartment, with a parking space. But I have no car).

Vaping the tobacco; is, a, much cleaner smoke.

I stopped coughing in the morning since starting. Vaping is much healthier than smoking tobacco. No tar, etc. 

The problem is finding the right vaporizer for what you want to use it for and finding a good warranty.

This is the important part. The rest is just about how much you want to spend.

Nowadays with everywhere even parks going smoke-free Vaporizer pens are the cigarette of the future. There is a big need out there for reliable vaporizers and a company that stands behind their product.

First thing I learned is; always buy from an authorized dealer/distributor.

I purchased a vaporizer pen online. There are many people selling vaporizers.

So I googled vaporizer pens and I saw an ad for dry herb pen. $53.99. Sounded like a reasonable price?

Well the site said "satisfaction guaranteed" and I was told there was a one year warranty on all parts of the pen. Anything one buys has to come with at least a warranty of usability.

It didn't work out of the box. I got about 20 puffs and the heating chamber wouldn't work any more.

To keep this short. The seller,  said it had a one year warranty. He, told me to go to distributor to get a replacement.

The distributor told me they wouldn't honor their warranty because he was an un-authorized dealer and not, allowed to sell with their warranty.

(I purchased it with my debit visa card. Using visa, etc is the only way to buy). Since it's a debit card I had to dispute the charge and will take 30-60 days for them to see if it's fraudulent. (Update, I did get a refund, but it took 90days).

Knowledge Is Power!

In my research purchasing a vaporizer pen, that would be big enough to use with tobacco, after over a months googling vaporizer pens, watching and reading reviews and checking out sellers guaranties/warranties. I luckily found Vape Vets.

The owner, Daniel is such an honest businessman. He has the very best guarantee and warranty on the web.

Vape Vet, is the only one I've seen that allows a 30 day,  refund or exchange even on open and used products and free return postage.

The secret of a good vaporizer is where you buy it and the guarantee. I recommend Vape Vets and their great guarantee and warranty. My purchase arrived in just 3 days.

Their additional one year guarantee, is also very good. Another thing and I don't see that anywhere else either. (I saw 60 days on one website).

Most vape sellers won't take them back if used. Only in un-opened, un-used condition???
Which is stupid. Vapes sit in warehouses,  batteries get old, so how can you tell if the vaporizer works if you don't try it.

Vape Vets is an established business not just someone selling on the internet and he has a full/no additional charges warranty, free returns and shipping, unlike some of the distributors warranties.

Vet Vape has three stores, one in  Greenwich Village, (my playground as a teenager and 20 something) and two uptown in the 70's.  

What I Learned About Buying A Vaporizer.

To get a vape pen that works with tobacco. Especially for heavy smokers. It's going to cost at least $170.

After my trials and misadventures in finding a vape pen for tobacco I learned a lot.

In the end I found out that don't buy plastic, or metal. They're, ok great, even for cannabis but make sure dealer throws in some silicone mouth protectors.

With tobacco the tip gets a little warm. So did the vapes with plastic cases. . These are not suitable for tobacco. You have to fire them up too many times.

Unlike the light easy to burn texture of cannabis, tobacco is a large heavy leaf they cut up.

All vape pens are not the same or appropriate for tobacco, even if they say they are. They mean for those 1/2 pack a day folks. Not for the pack and a half a day rest of us.

There isn't much of a choice in vapes. Buying a suitable vaporizer is all about, what you plan to put in it.

Even for weed. They're pretty much all the same. Some are just made cheaper, have no warranty.

In the vape world you get what you pay for. It your just looking for a pen to smoke a little herb discretely indoors. You can probably get a good vape pen for $25. Make sure they give you some glass screens and weed will vape good at any temperature.

But for tobacco, it's not the same.

After much misadventure. The first vape pen, I'm still waiting to get my refund or exchange for from the un authorized seller on the web.

And then, I didn't know about the temperature problems with plastic and metal and the heat needed to be generated to, and they were mostly combusting the tobacco, because these types under $100, are really only for cannabis and not suitable for tobacco.

I bought them from Vape Vet and yes, Daniel took them back no questions asked.

I will always buy from Vape because once you know what kind of vaporizer to buy for your particular needs. It's all about the warranty.

If your going to pay over $25. Spend a little more and get one with a good warranty.

It's so important. Vaperizors are improving all the time but they're still pretty much fragile. Especially the cheaper ones. But if you pay $25 and it lasts six months still cheaper than rolled cigarettes.

Buying loose tobacco and vaping will save me at least $200 a month, than buying cartons of cigarettes would.

Anyway. I need a true vaporizer to fulfill the terms of my lease.

I'm buying this one. It has everything. Atmos Orbit Vaporizer - Dry Herb $169.95

Daniel also recommends this one. It's on Ebay and since he's the supplier it still has his one year warranty. It's only $79.95 a good one rubberized outer with rubber mouth tip, good quality. Good for a light smoker. Me I'm going for the bigger one. I am a smoker and cannot go outside in the middle of the country in a parking lot to smoke 25 or more times a day!

T-Vape Clone Dry Herb Vaporizer (Z-Top / AGO X, just like TVape) Free Shipping

1 Only buy from a reputable dealer who offers you their own 30 money back, no questions asked guarantee. And a full one year warranty on all the parts of the product itself. I checked every site there is practically looking for a good vapeorizer for tobacco. And no one has a guarantee Like Vet Distributors warranties are pretty awful (99% of these vaporizers are made in China and imported). So it's important to have a 1 yr warranty from the seller.

2 If you only want to vaporize cannabis (or e-juice), you can get a decent vaporizer for about $80. I prefer tobacco in a vaporizer pen.

3 But if you want to vaporize tobacco which is much heavier and denser, you won't get one that will work right, for less than $170. I just spent the last month researching them. I have to get one. It's easier and cheaper than moving.

I would personally; not use E-Cigs.

I'm very allergic to glycerine and alcohol both ingredients in the liquid, and I heard that they have a very strong nicotine blend. But they are a convenient alternative ie Manufacturer disclaimer: You should not use these products if you are pregnant or nursing, have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or if you are allergic to nicotine, or propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine.

Vaping vs smoking cigarettes

I just love it when people try to f**ck with me. They've been doing it to me all my life.
For some reason they equate little (I'm 5ft 1 and 3/4), with vulnerability. Only in some areas which I've learned to avoid by now.

I learned my trademark invulnerability in Hudson County New Jersey.

Nowadays in Jersey City (where I was born) and right next to Bayonne (my hometown) at least one young person, 16, 18, 20's and two little five year olds' recently get shot, killed, stabbed, etc at the rate of at least one a week. It's like that in all the towns and cities in NJ. Even in my day, you had to be fast. Nowadays fast isn't enough.

I'm smoking since 1966.

My Mother blew smoke in my face since the day I was born.

Smoking was accepted.

We used to walk across the field of my old High School (Bayonne High, Bayonne NJ 1965-1969), smoking a cigarette and the Principal Mr O'Connor would be walking past and we were so dumb we thought he couldn't see the cigarette because we hid it behind our backs.

He was such a nice man. None of us would have graduated without his help. He used to tell us over the intercom when he caught us smoking in the bath room, "I will catch you all" A word to the wise is sufficient, Forewarned is forearmed."
Words of wisdom to carry through life I'm sure.

Bet lots of you were surprised a couple of weeks ago, I had a problem. 4th Amendment, Cigarettes, Medical Marijuana And More

Thing is I was just going to take property management to court and sue the heck out of them. But that's the hard way.

Kossacks are smarter than me. You all knew the easy way. And I have the street smarts to pull it off.

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