Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize!

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United States Congress

Totally Free US Gov’t Immigration Info-Links, DACA/DAPA And Cesar Chavez

The DREAM Act Portal

Child Farm-Workers


Youth In Agriculture US Department of Labor 

Children's Act for Responsible Employment H.R.2342 - CARE Act of 2013

United Farm Workers Of America New Immigration Process

United Farm Workers (UFWA)

UFW-sponsored AB 2757, "The Phase-In Overtime for Agricultural Workers Act of 2016. Sign the pledge today and commit to standing with farm workers to ensure they get the same overtime rights as other California workers.


Cool Charity
Take to the Hills; is a Douglas, Arizona based project that collects clothing, food, water, blankets, building supplies, medical supplies, school supplies and other items then delivers them directly to communities in the Sierra Madres, Sierra Alta, Rio Sonora and other regions of northern Mexico.
Del Cabarga, Program Director
(520) 236-4675 Cellular 

A donation of $100 will move a thousand pounds of clothing and supplies about three hundred miles. 
$500 will move a thousand pounds from Southern California into the Sierra Madres.

All donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.
Make check or money order out to: Summerland Monestery, earmarked for Take to the Hills.
Mail to:
Del Cabarga
1214 11 Street Douglas, Az

"Our Lady Of The Fields"

Love To Everyone,ga