Friday, March 21, 2014

♥Adopt A Bubbe And/Or A Zayde♥

For My Grandparents Sarah Saiewitz and Nathan Atkins. Two of the nicest people; ever, anywhere.

Jewish Traditions And Mitzvah Observances

Adopt A Bubbe And/Or A Zayde For Your Loved One's In Their Honor.
A Great Gift, for any occasion. One They Won't Want To Return!

Many Jews in Eastern Europe live in poverty and isolation.  In response, Action created programs to strengthen the Jewish community and provide food, medicine, clothing and other assistance to those in need.

Action For Post-Soviet Jewry
24 Crescent Street Suite 306
Waltham MA 02453
PHONE (781) 893-2331
FAX (781) 647-9474
Assisting Jews in the Former Soviet Union since 1975

The Adopt a Bubbe (or Zayde) program reaches out to elderly Jews and the handicapped in Ukraine and Belarus.

"Action" recruits coordinators who know their Jewish community, and asks them to find the most vulnerable Jewish retirees who need help. Many live on their own in poor conditions and some are unable to leave their homes.

With "Action" funds, coordinators purchase and deliver fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese and meats directly to their homes. When needed, "Action" has also provided eyeglasses or hearing aids, a lamp to read by, or coal for heat in the winter months.

One could almost say that; Action For Post-Soviet Jewry, works with clients one shovel or one fresh chicken, or one pair of eyeglasses at a time.

I have no association with this organization. I just think it's a great charity.
Peace And Justice,

Recycle With Terracycle  Creating Green Jobs In The USA

Get 2 Cents For Your School Or Charity
For Each Drink Pouch, Cookie  Or Candy Wrapper, Etc. You Send To TerraCycle
TerraCycle Pays All Shipping (all) Costs.

Terracycle Inc Website
121 New York Ave. Trenton, NJ 08638
Phone: 609.393.4252
Fax: 609.393.4259

I have no interests in this company. I just think It's a good deal for Charities.

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