Saturday, March 5, 2016

Note To: Our Lady Of Assumption Parishioners Bayonne, NJ Occupy Mass! Occupy Mt Carmel Church.

They want 1,700 OLA Parishioners to  travel either all the way across town, to Mount Carmel Church,  or all the way downtown, to St Mary's and St Andrew's Churches.

I say: 
Fight back!

Show The Archdiocese that the Parishioners of Our Lady Of Assumption aren't fooling around!

Put the spotlight on Mt Carmel Church. How it couldn't; even within the realm of possibility, have room, for so many Parishioners. This is obvious.

Get all the Parishioners to go to Mass at Mt Carmel.

Every Mass.

Especially the Saturday night and Sunday Masses.

Fill the Sunday Masses with so many Parishioners, that they spill out onto the sidewalk. Coincidentally,  Mt Carmel has a lot of room outside.

Just cram as many Parishioners into every Mt Carmel Mass that you can.

Make an impression. 

Old saying; "Seeing, Is Believing."

Assemble the largest crowds possible, to flood Every Mass with people!

Contact, TV News Media! Get TV News Coverage. Make so much noise the Media can't ignore you!

Sometimes; to convince people, you gotta be, "in their face, obvious."

This; also show's the Archdiocese, what they want to see. People attending Mass and contributing to the Church.

Show the Archdiocese that they made a mistake.

*An Even Greater Impact; Would Be, To Occupy, All Three Church's, With People Spilling Out, Into The Street! Assumption Parish Has Enough Parishioners To Accomplish This Easily.

Can you imagine what a stir, that could cause with the proper publicity!  If EveryoneFrom OLA, Occupies Every Mass At All Three Church's, From Now Until Easter!

Archdiocese; really, can't expect people to go all the way downtown to St Mary's or St Andrews. That would be too far and a hardship.

But any way; all 3 of these Church's together, are not big enough to fit, 1.700 or more, Parishioners, in addition to their own Congregations! 

Show them; how, all three of these other Church's aren't big enough to hold Our Lady Of Assumption’s many Parishioners.

It’s just as cheap to keep Our Lady Of Assumption open; as it would be, to add more Masses. (Which, wouldn't solve the overcrowding problem anyway, if everyone still decided to all attend, at the same time).

I Don't Know How The Archdiocese; Could Even Consider, Closing This Beautiful Church!
Solidarity OLA!

 This Easter Season; Is, The Perfect Time To 


Oh yeah and don't forget, Red Mike's Marching Band!

That's what I would do.

Carry your signs. Always use dark lettering for signs or the writing doesn't show up on pictures good.

Organize, hold meetings, plan a strategy ie how and when to get what people to whatever Church, etc.

Fight back beyond the letter writing, phone calling.

Take my advice. Try it now through Easter. 

See what happens. You have nothing, to lose.

The Archdiocese; can't dispute, visible proof.

Don't I always know what I'm talking about? (Unlike some people, who will, remain nameless).