Sunday, February 7, 2016

✰Note to Archdiocese Newark, NJ-Please Re-Open/Do Not Close Assumption Church✰

Archbishop Of Newark (NJ) John J Myers
 Motto, Mysterium Ecclesiae Luceat
(translated:“Let the Mystery of the Church shine forth”)

Archdiocese of Newark-Contact​
Please e-mail or call Archbishop Myers. 

I just e-mailed him and sent him a copy of this blog post. I also called, left a voice mail. I can afford a 20 minute, long-distance phone call to help Our Lady of Assumption Church. They were so good to us when we were kids and always great friends.

Everyone can e-mail the Archbishop. An e-mail is free and quick. 
Can you imagine if he got like, 10,000 emails!
Just say; it's on behalf of the Parishioners, of Our Lady Of Assumption Church.
Tell Archbishop Myers: Please, Re-Open, Our Lady Of Assumption Church!
That; the Parishioners, Love and need this Church very much!
Five Bayonne Catholic parishes to be consolidated into two, says Archdiocese of Newark

Parishioners March To Keep Bayonne, NJ Church Open 

Hundreds of parishioners of Our Lady of Assumption in Bayonne protested the closing of their church in front of the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark on Nov 1st.

Note to Archdiocese of Newark-Please, Do Not Close Assumption Church. 

I understand why St Josephs and St Michael's  Churches were consolidated with Mt Carmel.

St Joseph's, no longer has a Roman Catholic Congregation and St Michael's is right across the street. Both are on the same block as Mt Carmel

Assumption is blocks away from Mt Carmel. All the way across town.

Mt Carmel is always crowded enough already; (standing room only on holidays). With the additional; Parishioners from St Joseph's, St Michael's and 1,700 more from Assumption. They wouldn't even all fit, in Mt Carmel Church! 

Our Lady Of The Assumption ChurchServing the Bayonne Community, for almost 120 years!

Great Feast every August. The best zeppoles, anywhere! 

I Love OLA. They kept us crazy kids safe and off the streets for hours, at their dances (back in the 1960's) every Friday night. Putting up with our drunken antics.

Bayonne, needs this Church. It’s a brand new building practically. Guess maybe 35 years old. It’s a great design to be energy efficient, too.

Throw some solar panels on the back of that roof and it’s self containing energy wise.

It’s an architecturally beautiful, modern design but large enough on the inside. More like a Chapel.
Quite beautiful inside too.

It would not only be tragic to the Congregation of 1,700 Parishioners and the Community to close this Church, but a waste to allow this beautiful building to be closed and just sit vacant in our cold and damp NJ winters. Would still have to heat the building anyway.

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe December 12th 

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