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Updated 3/21/15 *War In The Ghetto*


Out of the night that covers me,
Dark as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.
In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeoning's of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.
It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.
By William Ernest Henley (1849–1903)


♥To Pat And Her Family♥ Friends Way Back When, Friends Now, Friends Forever
Love and Peace ga
In Memory of Hope, Phillip, James, Debbie, Jude and Everyone Else, Gone Way Before Their Time♥ 

Real African American Heroes

War In The Ghetto 2*

I often think of all my old friends and I decided that someone should help today's kids. I see all their beautiful faces on the news or on the streets and my heart goes out to them.
Like Bob Marley said, So Much Trouble!

I think about Peace in America.

I know that many people are definitely taking a beating out there.

I got really upset, when I read in the Jersey Journal about a 20 year old guy killing another 20 year old guy, Over $200! "Chump, Change."

NJ Penalties for Unlicensed Possession of a Handgun, Pistol or Revolver

A conviction for possession of a handgun without a carry permit is a Second Degree crime.
A Second Degree Offense carries, jail or prison time of between 5 and 10 years!

, a conviction for this charge falls within the Graves Act.

The Graves Act imposes a period of parole ineligibility that an individual serve in jail before they are eligible for parole.

NJ Penalties for Possession of a knife, is a fourth degree crime and conviction on this one count alone. carries a jail sentence of 18 months.

Honky-Tonk Bud jailhouse poem

Note to dealers
As I wrote This War In The Ghetto; I Knew In My Heart That Even The Toughest Guys Would Agree That, All The Kids Coming Up, Deserve A Chance At A Normal Life!

You should all, be investing your money in buying and selling real estate There's still plenty of it out there going really cheap.

I know lot's of people out there have brains, just no education or opportunity! Make your own opportunity.

I'm old enough to remember real drugs. Which themselves are terrible in the toll they take on user's lives.

You're all getting beat double, buying this synthetic garbage. Maybe it costs a penny to make and it Kills double. Either by outright overdose, or because it makes the user crazy.

I'm shocked. I keep reading that people are using PCP (Phencyclidine). That's a totally disgusting drug! 

I bet those bath salts are awful too. These kinds of chemicals will only get you sick (and crazy too).

The Juvenile Collateral Consequences Project; is an endeavor undertaken by the American Bar Association, to document and analyze the significant hardships experienced by youth who have come in contact with the juvenile justice system

These hardships, known as collateral consequences affect youth who have successfully completed a sentence imposed by the court. The hardships include barriers to education, employment, and public benefits.

Beyond the Sentence - Understanding Collateral Consequences


The Jersey Journal Map Of Homicides. Click on a place-mark on the map for more information about the murder. See how they're all clustered in certain areas. This Is Why They Call It, A Ghetto

Jersey Journal Hudson County Murder Map-2008

Jersey Journal Hudson County Murder Map-2013

What really annoys me; i
s, when people don't listen!

example: A 21-year-old Jersey City man was found lying on the sidewalk dead of an apparent gunshot wound after police responded to a report of a shooting near Ocean and Pearsall Avenues.

What's going on! You Guys know better than to live like this. I know where these streets are. I used to wait on Ocean Ave. to get the bus to the Mall. I felt that safe there 10 years ago!

From what I've been reading here in the Jersey Journal, you are all killing yourselves and each other.
I don't know you personally, but I probably went to school with your Grandmothers!

If you're reading this, you should realize that everything I say is all true and that I am giving you all the best advice, anyone ever gave you!  

Go to Bayonne, ask about Georgia! Watch eyes roll. You don't even need a last name, they'll know who you mean!

Stop the violence now!  

Fools; you get mad at somebody and shoot them, but you don't get mad at the garbage drugs out there on the street, and continue to buy and take them like sheep, and you also go for buying those cheap second hand, go off in a second guns!

Let me think, If I Can Remember, Oh yeah, guns, bad drugs, alcohol, being young and uneducated = A Lethal Combination! 

Stop and think about what I'm saying. I know, I was young once too. A long time ago, before the mind control!

Mind Control
First Rule-Isolate The Victim!

Only two results from violence.

1. Somebody gets dead!
2. Somebody goes to jail for life!
Why, is the question I ask myself, do twenty year old's and younger, just want to throw their lives away?

What really gets me mad; is, that they are seduced into all the craziness by synthetic drugs, like prescription medications, heroin and crack cocaine, (which is really street meth with some coke mixed in to make it taste like coke)! And Or Alcohol, another mind numbing drug that causes a person to lose their senses!


Jersey City Man Shot At More Than 25 Times Dies From Bullet That Entered His Back! Jersey Journal/Hudson County Saturday, August 06, 2011 by Jean-Pierre Mestanza

The 12:17 a.m. incident began at Ocean and Winfield Avenues.

Late night shooting in Jersey City leaves 21-year-old dead.
You Gotta Be Trying To Kid Me!

CARTERET, New Jersey

A 19-year-old Carteret resident set to graduate from the borough high school was shot and killed on his front steps late Tuesday night, his family said. Carteret Teenager Is Fatally Shot In Front Of Home

This Is Too Sad!
Something has to be done to educate young people, that violence is not the answer!

Don't do drugs, or drink alcohol either, (another quick way to kill yourself or someone else)! They're garbage and a waste of time. And not needed to have fun.

Pills Kill 

It's all poison!

Even real cocaine is distilled using kerosene. So unless you wanna go live in Colombia and chew on coca leaves, forget it.

Also, the heroin's synthetic! Probably cut with crushed up pharmaceutical painkillers! None of which, I would give to an animal I love.

Sixty-One Percent of All Prison Inmates Are African-American

Twenty Per-Cent Caucasian
18 Per-Cent Hispanic
And One Per-Cent Other Nationalities

Don't End Up In The Youth House!

Former Inmate Youth Prison Was Hell!
Carthage, TX (Walnut Grove / Riderville)
Walnut Grove Public Records Resources & Searches

Or In A Place Like

Rahway (East Jersey State Prison) Rahway Prison


Sing Sing Prison

OR Any Other Prisons, Either!



Just The Links Man. Well Almost! ♥Social Services Links For Civilians And Veterans♥

Take my word, Don't even smoke reefer (Pot, Blunts, etc). It Is A Very Addictive Drug, Like Tobacco, If you smoke it Once, You will get Psychologically Hooked For Life Very Expensive. You'll end up working just to support your reefer habit. Please Don't Even Try It*

Check this out. This guy went to all this trouble to support his reefer habit. Now he's in big trouble! Bayonne pharmacy tech charged with stealing prescription drugs by Matthew McNab/The Jersey Journal Sunday June 03 2012

And if you insist on smoking pot; please, don't use a butane lighter! Butane lighters are not meant to be used like that. You're sucking in a ton of butane lighting a pipe or joint with it. Use Matches! In fact I wouldn't even use a butane lighter for cigarettes. More Poison!

Get yourself a pizza and soda, or a burger and fries. Go to a movie, buy yourself something you've been wanting. Do something that's real fun! You'll enjoy it much better than getting beat out of your money half the time too. Save your money. Don't throw it away.

Besides reefer doesn't get you high.
All it will do is make you nervous and dumb enough not to be even able to walk around safely. It's seriously physically dangerous, and like booze you can't drive a car. There really is no such thing as high.

Street and prescription drugs only make you very sick and can kill you the first time you try them.

You Are Already High!

Youth Is, Being, Naturally High.

It Does Not Get Any Better Than A Healthy Body and Mind and all those Fabulous Hormones pumping through you! 

Drugs and alcohol only diminish your health and don't get anyone High. Saying They Do Is Just A Big Lie Told By The Oppressor To Keep People Down.

People on drugs and alcohol, don't compete for resources or anything else either! They don't call it dope for nothing.

I figured I'd give you the Free 411 on what I think society is doing to everyone. Also there really is a free 411-(directory information) telephone number It's 1-800-373-3411 There's a commercial, but it's free. The phone co charges about $1.25 for information after one uses, the like two they give free each month.

I'm 62 years old. I can remember and know history going back over 100 years.

I Love People! I've met good people and bad people, but the good people really outnumber the bad ones. It's Time For All The Good People In The World To Unite Get Smart, Take Control of Their Lives!

Balance of Power

The rich would like to stay rich and pass the money on to their decedents. Unfortunately us poor folk don't fit into someone's plans.

Survival Of The Fittest

The rich know this and they teach it to their children. But every time a rumor that education could be the key to success in life gets out, it gets played down big time!

It is definitely easier than high school. Almost as easy as grammar school. REALLY, NO LIE!

But out there, it's like everybody's partying.
That's the big trap! DRUGS And they're not even real drugs.

The drugs of choice are prescription painkillers, crack, heroin, booze (alcohol), etc, or any drug the dealer has! These drugs are toxic enough alone. Mixed with alcohol they are a lethal combination! This is why 20 year old kids are shooting each other over a piece of turf in the ghetto instead of getting financial aid and scholarships and partying at a good college.

An especially good trick used
; among the poor, is to convince them that a little bit of life is good.

But you know what, a whole lot of life, is way better!

Don't show them the bigger picture of how not being a fool gets you the big bucks in about 8 years.


EDUCATION Is So Important To Getting The BEST OUT OF Life! 

If you are uneducated you cannot tap into the minds of great thinkers.

You have less strategies to fight your way up with. 

Then, there's the brainwashing and mind control to take you out with if you are still making it without an education.

Don't believe everything all the celebrities tell you.

They really screwed my generation around in the sixties.
Glorifying Drugs and sex (another trap), while at the same time getting rich themselves.

"Tune in, Turn on, Drop out." How ridiculous was a statement like that? But it sounded good at the time. (If you get a professor like Timothy Leary in college, drop his class immediately)!

Nowadays College Is Free.

It's called Federal Financial Aid and anyone who doesn't have a lot of money is eligible to get it. Also Scholarships are really easy to get. All you have to do is get half way decent marks in High School. Stay home at night, do some homework. Nobody has to be a genius to get into college nowadays.

Financial Aid Information for College Students
Federal Student Aid, An Office of The U.S. Department Of Education How to Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships

I remember as a teenager, in the winter freezing (literally), hanging out on street corners and there really wasn't anything going on. Just a bunch of teenagers hanging out on a street corner

I'm telling all of you this, because I don't want you, to have to suffer, the way
we did
Most of the kids I grew up with died young, from drugs, alcohol and violence!

Divide and Conquer

That's What All The Gang Violence Is About You Take Each Other Out, for a faceless, nameless society.

Nowadays the cocaine is meth amphetamine and the heroin is synthetic. Really nasty stuff!

pharmaceutical amphetamine

Chemical Formula consists of many ingrediants. Two toxic examples are:
C9H13N hydrochloride REALLY BAD ACID!

Sulfate, A type of Sulphar.

Do You Really Want To Take The Chance Of Putting This Kind Of Poison In Your Body Even Once?

Oh yeah, street meth amphetamine aka crystal meth, is more addictive and corrosive to the body than heroin.

Some of the ingredients used to make street meth. (All those little home laboratories)

Anhydrous Ammonia

Lacquer Thinner

Heet Gasoline Additive

Kitty Litter And some assorted, anything at all over the counter pharmaceutical drugs!

Oh man, am I really naive! I was upset when I thought they were just using pharmaceutical chemicals to make it! This is not a drug! It's Poison!

Meth is one of the few drugs I don't know too much about, except it will physically age your body twenty years beyond your chronological age!

There is no real cocaine or heroin out there. All U.S. borders are shut tight, incoming by homeland security.

Even if, you could get real cocaine.

You Wouldn't Want To Destroy Your Body With That Either.
Crack Cocaine-wikipedia


Drugs are just another commodity like beer or tobacco, that people make money selling.
The Pharmaceutical companies have all those commercials about how this drug can make you healthy again, etc., etc., And then, like five years later, they're all being sued in these big class action lawsuits (their drugs hurt so many people).

Drugs Are A Trap! 

Drugs and AlcoholAre, The Tools Of The Oppressor!

Educate yourself as to what kind of drugs you're getting even if it's a doctors prescription. They're full of salts and acids and all kinds of junk. They'll destroy your stomach. I know all about this kind of stuff from growing up in the sixties. I am the voice of experience!

Drugs are a commodity; so they become a type of currency, which in turn causes crime. Drugs are so extremely expensive that many people do have to turn to crime in order to support their habits. It's very sad how many beautiful young people are sitting in a jail cell because of drugs!

Please Don't Take Drugs Or Drink Alcohol, They Can Kill You The Very First Time You Try Them!

Alcohol (liquor, booze) will make you crazy and lose control. Drinking will definitely enhance your chances of being victimized

You won't even know what you're doing! I'm not just saying this. IT'S TRUE.

Drugs and alcohol keep you from thinking clearly! Bob Marley says "Them drugs gonna make you slow". FOR REAL!

They'll Keep you back in your best years. When you're young, strong and most productive! Keep you from catching up, if they don't eliminate you outright.

Drugs will distract you from getting the most out of life.

The drugs on the street nowadays are, BAD. Being synthetic they make a person crazy, crazy, crazy! They also kill you quicker. Much stronger, than natural drugs.

Don't believe the story that you can use drugs on a recreational basis. This has been a lie forever! Addiction isn't pretty. And it's not fun.

With opiates you just go to sleep. Hopefully not permanently!

With cocaine you just speed up. What's so much fun?

With LSD just makes you schizophrenic! What's fun about that?

Prescription drugs destroy the body and mind faster even, than the street drugs. If they contain acetaminophen and you drink alcohol with them they can burn your liver up, right on the spot! ONE TIME, No fun here!

In the immortal words of our Wonderful, old, Bayonne High School Principal, Mr. O'Connor; (who used to tell us over the intercom loud speakers), "A Word to the Wise is Sufficient." And "Forewarned is Forearmed." I never would have graduated without his help.

Official United States Visa Information Source
Before traveling to the U.S., a citizen of a foreign country must generally obtain a non-immigrant visa for temporary stay or an immigrant visa for permanent residence. The type of visa you will need is based on the purpose of your travel.

The National Immigration Forum

Established in 1982, the National Immigration Forum is the leading immigrant advocacy organization in the country with a mission to advocate for the value of immigrants and immigration to the nation. The Forum uses its communications, advocacy and policy expertise to create a vision, consensus and strategy that leads to a better, more welcoming America–one that treats all newcomers fairly. The vision is, to create a US immigration policy that honors our nation’s ideals, protects human dignity, reflects our country’s economic demands, celebrates family unity and provides opportunities for progress.

For over two decades, the Forum has occupied a unique role, knitting together alliances across diverse faith, labor, immigrant, non-immigrant and business constituencies in communities across the country. These alliances come together under the Forum’s leadership to develop, execute and evaluate legislative and administrative advocacy strategies.

For *Jan Who Taught Me Love For The Dance*

The Three Strikes Law Should Have Been Abolished, Years And Years Ago!
Every crime should be judged on it's own circumstances. Not; Oh you got busted three times for being stupid, so now you go to jail for life! That's not justice!


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National Dropout Rates Find Help-Take Action. If you; (or a student you know), needs immediate help or support in the areas of health and wellness, academics or safety, please use the resources.


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February 11th, 2012 RIP Whitney
We All Love You And Will Miss You A Lot!