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For My Father Sam Atkins * Jazz Age

My Father was a young man during "The Jazz Age," Roaring Twenties. And he sure could dance, sing and roar! He was a Leo after all, born in August.

Cab Calloway And Bill Robinson My Father's Best Friends; From, The Cotton Club,  NYC.

Cab Calloway, The Nicholas Brothers, Bill Robinson And Their Cast Of Fabulous, Dancers and Musicians.
The Cab Calloway Orchestra
Director, Cab's Grandson Christopher Calloway Brooks (CB). Facebook

My Father was born on Grand Street in New York City (Manhattan) 1893.

His Mother; Sarah, (my Grandmother), was a Orthodox Rabbi's Daughter. She and her family immigrated, from Latvia to New York City about 1880.

His Father; (my Grandfather), came all the way from Russia as a young man; all by himself, (he had a brother already living in Connecticut). Around the 1880's too.

I know he, (Nathan) and my Grandmother were married before 1888. Because he always said my Father's older Sister Florence, was born during the Great Blizzard of 88. Photos

They moved to Bayonne NJ; (where some of my Grandmother's relatives lived), when my Father was about 7 years old.

For My Father *Sam Atkins* "Nickel Beer At Sam's" Entire story, all in the link and the comments I left Eve.

My Father got the idea, to bring back the price of a glass of  beer to, 5 cents.

In 1949; The price; was already rising, to 15 cents a glass. Fifteen Cent Beer Price Threatened! Cambridge Bars May Follow NYC Trend November 10, 1950

All the bars and restaurants in the Greenwich Village, New York City, neighborhood ganged up on him.

They got the liquor distributors, to stop his deliveries.

So he and my Uncle Timmy, a WWII Veteran, smuggled the booze in, from New Jersey, in his car.
My Father had; no doubt, known plenty of bootleggers, in his wayward youth. Before he married my Mother.

The guy in the picture isn't my Father. It's my cousin Sam Hock. He was so funny and he played the kazoo.

The woman at the bar is my Mother Mary (Jean, her nickname).

The following poem appeared on the editorial page of the Daily Princetonian. April, 1949

Sammy's New York bar and grill
Is selling nickel beer.
Hurrah for Sammy, swill your fill.
And move your bar down here.
Sammy cut his price way down
The five-cent glass of cheer.
Oh leave that there ungrateful town,
Please move your bar down here.
Sammy, Sammy, save the day,
Our throats are growing sore,
Those G. I. checks are a month away,
So bring that bar down here.
Sammy, also bring your bock,
The other boys may sneer,
But we'll not buy their watered stock,
If you move your bar down here.
Sammy Atkins, you're our man,
You've nothing bad to fear.
We'll disregard the picket ban,
When you move your bar down here.
Sam, you know, a five-cent glass
has never had a peer;
The price will take the place of class.
Come on, move your bar down here.

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For My Grandparents Sarah Saiewitz and Nathan Atkins. The nicest people one might ever meet!

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Although Cab Was A Brilliant and Loving Man, people back in the 1930's, didn't know how harmful drugs were, when he used to sing so lightly about them.

Funny story: My Father was a Fireman in the 1930's and 40's and he was the President of The Bayonne Fireman's Benevolent Association.

He used to run shows for the Firemen and Police at our DeWitt, Movie Theater.

Cab used to come over and do shows all the time. The Cops And Firemen Loved Cab and his music!
The Cab Calloway School of the Arts 100 N. Dupont Road, Wilmington, DE 19807, (302) 651-2700 

Cab Calloway And Other Cotton Club Jazz Entertainers.

African American History, Music, Media And Art. Seriously; Video, Heavy!

Peace, Justice, and Love

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