Thursday, August 4, 2016

I said, What? Oh no you don't; Archdiocese of Newark, Not without hearing from me!

 * Avarice

Newark (NJ)-Archdiocese in talks to sell now-closed Assumption church in Bayonne.

You gotta be kidding me! 

The Archdiocese; will never get what that land is really worth. It’s a buyer’s market and the land isn’t worth, as much as they think.

Real Estate wise; this is not the prime location; even, whatever amount the Archdiocese could get for the entire block, isn’t worth destroying this Parish. 

The property, wouldn't bring much for houses. Too close to a busy street. 

Average price of a new house in that neighborhood about $350,000 the most.

I would estimate on that block; a lot big enough for a house would go for about; the most; $200,000 ea.

I would estimate that there are 10 such lots from Ave C to Kennedy Blvd, but the area would have to be cleared of the Church Property.

Making a total sale value of the entire block land purchase wise, aprox $2,000,000.
Not such a large sum of money; to destroy a Parish, that has been in existence, over a 100 years and still thriving with over 1,700 active, Parishioners. 

What could buyers do with a property that has a building right in the center of all the lots, move it? That’s not practical or profitable.

So now it’s a broken parcel. Costs more to re-develop than the land is worth.
I wonder; who exactly, these prospective buyers are! Someone; looking for a good deal, no doubt!

* I could see the Archdiocese; maybe, selling off, the School building. That's fine. It’s old and of, no important distinction.

But not the Church, Rectory, parking lot and rest of the property. That's not acceptable.

* The Archdiocese should concentrate on selling or re-developing, St Joseph's Church instead. 

That's where the real money is. The Prime Location. Over on Ave E, by the Light Rail.

St Joseph's would probably make a beautiful office, or apartment building. It’s a property all ready for easy, re-development. With, way fewer up front demolition costs.

I’m really annoyed with the Archdiocese. This is a really stupid move!

To even consider; desecrating, beautiful Assumption Church, for a measly two, or even, three, million dollars. Like some business that isn't showing a profit.

Sure the buyers, are lined up. They see a bargain.

The people in Bayonne; may sometimes, act like sheep. They let you close the Church. With only, a little fight. “I would have Occupied”.

Never the less; if the Archdiocese were, to sell; our Beloved, Lady Of Assumption Church, they might get a surprise.

They; may find, that the Bayonne people, get really mad and organize, to get even.
Old Bayonne saying “don’t get mad, get even.”

* There’s a little thing; called, Eminent domain.

St Joseph’s and St Michael's Church; both fall into this eminent domain, category.
Being so close to the Bayonne Light Rail. They could be classified for, re-developed, to suit that need.

The Archdiocese; angering the people of Bayonne, is not a wise move. IMO.

Would it be worth it; to lose St Joseph’s and St Michael's, for what, the Assumption property is worth? 

* Note to: the Archdiocese; get what you can, while you can.

They’re willing to give you St Joseph’s (there’s no Parishioners there anymore) and give you, St Michael's too. (which; I would probably leave open, since its so small and it’s, economic to do so). Mt Carmel gets too crowded always.

* St Joseph’s is the prize. Huge building. big piece of land. Prime; location, to sell or re-develop. 

St Joseph’s is worth more than Assumption and St Michael's, Church’s, both, put together.

* My advice to the Archdiocese; take them both, but leave Assumption Church alone, and get out of town, while the getting, is good.

Lay off Assumption, Archbishop Myers!

Let the Parish, keep their Church and re-open it. 

Spend your time and resources; where you can make the most profit, while doing the least damage, to the Community.  

God is watching and so am I and I’m the ring-leader, of the troublemakers in Bayonne and Our Lady Of Assumption, is my Favorite Parish.

On My Mother’s side, I’m Irish Catholic and on my Father’s side, I’m a Rabbi’s Great-Granddaughter. As a descendant of Abraham, I have a hot-line to God, (the Covenant).

The Blessed Mother, told me what to tell you. Believe it, or not.

Please e-mail or call Archbishop Myers. 
Imagine if he got like, 10,000 e-mails!
Archdiocese of Newark-Contact​
171 CLIFTON AVENUE P.O. BOX 9500 NEWARK, NJ 07104 TEL | 973-497-4000   E-mail
Everyone can e-mail, the Archbishop. 
An e-mail is free and quick. 
Just say; it's on behalf of the Parishioners, of Our Lady Of Assumption Church.

Tell Archbishop Myers:
Do Not Sell And Re-Open, Our Lady Of Assumption Church!
That; the Parishioners, Love and need this Church very much!
I just e-mailed him.

I also called, left a voice mail. I can afford a 20 minute, long-distance phone call to help Our Lady of Assumption Church. They were so good to us when we were kids and always great friends.

Five Bayonne Catholic parishes to be consolidated into two, says Archdiocese of Newark

Parishioners March To Keep Bayonne, NJ Church Open 

Note to Archdiocese of Newark-Please, Do Not Sell, Assumption Church.
I understand why St Josephs and St Michael's  Churches were consolidated with Mt Carmel.

St Joseph's, no longer has a Roman Catholic Congregation and St Michael's is right across the street. Both are on the same block as Mt Carmel

Assumption is blocks away from Mt Carmel. All the way across town.

Mt Carmel is always crowded enough already; (standing room only on holidays). With the additional; Parishioners from St Joseph's, St Michael's and 1,700 more from Assumption. They wouldn't even all fit, in Mt Carmel Church! 

Great Feast every August. The best zeppoles, anywhere!

I Love OLA. They kept us crazy kids safe and off the streets for hours, at their dances (back in the 1960's) every Friday night. Putting up with our drunken antics.
Bayonne, needs this Church. It’s a brand new building practically. Guess maybe 35 years old. It’s a great design to be energy efficient, too.

Throw some solar panels on the back of that roof and it’s self containing energy wise.

It’s an architecturally beautiful, modern design but large enough on the inside. More like a Chapel. Quite beautiful inside too.

Our Lady Of Assumption Church-Bayonne, NJ

Saint Michael The Archangel, Protect Us In Battle!