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They don't call it dope for nothing.

♥For Patricia and her Family♥ Friends way back when; friends then, friends forever. 

You know; in today's society, I'd have gotten killed 100 times, (I was so dumb when I was a teenager).

Nothing changes, it just re-appears in different forms. 

As long as there is poverty there will be crime.

Hungry children start out stealing food and wondering why they don't have what other people have.

It often escalates from there.

Criminality, is learned behavior. Just as being successful, is learned behavior.
How to Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships 

2015 US-Overdose Death Rates

911 The Good Samaritan Law 

Good Samaritan Laws by State

Drugs, are a big fake out. Used to keep people down and in economic bondage. "The rich get rich and the poor get poorer."

Unless, the poor are smart and upwardly mobile.

Drugs keep you back when you're young (your productive years). If they don't hook you for life or kill you.

Drug Education should start to be taught in grammar school.

In the 1st, 2nd grades. Even on the most basic level; don't smoke cigarettes, don't drink alcohol, never take medicine unless a parent or doctor gives it to you, like that.

Increasing info with age. Until young people grow up; knowing that drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc. are bad and kill.

Reverse the drug propaganda. Replace it with the truth and facts about drugs, alcohol and about violence too.

I was 17 in nineteen sixty-seven. I know drugs and alcohol! Voice of Experience, Here.

All the kids I grew up with; died young in their twenties, from drugs, alcohol and violence.

My Mother used to say; that "God kept me alive, because he had a special purpose for me."

I write about drugs, etc, so people might understand what kinds of poison drugs and alcohol are and not put them in their bodies. So people could have a good life, instead of one of misery.

Natural Victorian Cure For Drug Addiction-From 1890 (*Worth a try).
To rid yourself of a drug addiction, eat an orange every morning half an hour before breakfast. Do that and you will want; neither liquor nor medicine, they will, even, become repulsive.

Knowledge Is Power!

Mind Control
by me

First Rule
Isolate the Victim.

Second Rule
Convince them that they like it.
Oh No, Stockholm Syndrome!

Third Rule
Recruit and Convince Accomplices.

Fourth Rule
Argue with the victim.

Fifth Rule
Leave occasionally (randomly but consistently).

Sixth Rule
a Beat the victim occasionally physically or emotionally, threaten often!

b Demoralize them to the point that they believe anything you tell them as truth!

Seventh Rule
Never let the victim forget you are (supposedly),
superior to them.

Eighth Rule
Pretend Nothing's Going On!

I could only think of eight, feel free to add more of your own.

Heroin Facts Drug Policy Alliance (DPA). The nation's leading organization promoting drug policies that are grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights.

Drug-Free World.org

Free-The Truth About Drugs Booklets (no charge including free shipping).

Foundation for a Drug-Free World
1626 N Wilcox Ave, Suite 1297
Los Angeles, CA 90028 USA
From within USA: 1-888-NO-DRUGS (1-888-668-6378)
To call from outside USA: +1-818-952-5260

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell 

How to Perform CPR
First, Dial 911

Picture Illustrations How to Do CPR on an Adult

Infant/Child CPR

Free Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers


There is very little real cocaine or crack. It's  mostly a little cocaine so it tastes like it and a lot more pharmaceutical type amphetamine or even meth amphetamine (crystal meths drug effects). Rock form is so convenient for this. FYI Even real cocaine from the coca plant is distilled in kerosene . I wouldn't put that into my body!

Pharmaceutical amphetamine and the chemical formula of nearly all pharmaceutical pain killers, tranquilizers, etc, contain many toxic ingredients.

Two examples are:

C9H13N hydrochloride.

Sulfate A REALLY BAD ACID! A type of Sulfur . In inorganic chemistry, a sulfate is a salt of sulfuric acid

These salts and acids not only help to preserve the drugs they also help the user's body to eliminate the drug. Keeps even more people from overdosing. The salts eat up the opiate effects. Saline solutions are used a lot in medicine.

Over time; if the user doesn't overdose, these salts and acids destroy the body. 

Pharmaceutical Drugs Are Poison!
Even patients who have to take them for pain, etc, hate them.
I know. I got hurt in 2000. Torn rotators cuff, neck and back injuries. The doctors tried every pain med there is.

I had severe reactions to them all. My skin turned bright red and burned, my hair fell out. True story.

Do You Really Want To Take The Chance Of Putting This Kind Of Poison In Your Body Even Once? 

Never shoot pills! That can kill you instantly, one time!
Never mix them with alcohol, or  other drugs like heroin. Again one time, that's the end!

Never Drink Alcohol when taking acetaminophen or prescription drugs containing it. It can burn your liver up, the first time. acetaminophen toxicity

Pills kill fast and they can make a person crazy too.

Total havoc when they're mixed with alcohol and or other drugs!


American Meth full movie Youtube

Street meth amphetamine/aka crystal meth, pharmaceutical amphetamine and pharmaceutical drugs, all drugs, in general, are extremely, corrosive to the body. You can't win with drugs.

meth amphetamine (crystal meths drug effects).

Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA) (In California)

Some of the ingredients used to make street meth - (All those little home, laboratories).

Anhydrous Ammonia

Lacquer Thinner

Heet Gasoline Additive

Kitty Litter And some assorted, anything at all over the counter pharmaceutical drugs!

Oh man, am I really naive! I was upset when I thought they were just using pharmaceutical chemicals to make it! This is not a drug! It's Poison!

amphetamines and meth are two drugs that I personally; don't know too much about, except they totally destroy your body. They, will physically age your body thirty years beyond your chronological age! And it doesn't take long for this damage to occur.

Often, the heroin is fake too. A small amount of the drug mixed with anything else the dealer has. 

Whatever the dealer wants to put in it, crushed up narcotic or non narcotic pain meds, tranquilizers, any kind of powder works, etc. Street drugs could be anything. In the sixties people used to get rat poison, no kidding.  Now it's sometimes laced with Fentanyl: The Drug Deadlier than Heroin. 

Why Fentanyl Is So Much More Deadly Than Heroin

Besides taking the bogus heroin, cocaine and prescription pills, drug users out there are smoking pcp/phencyclidine, meth and not to forget the ones taking ecstasy .

So, I know they don't have a clue. 42 arrested at Atlantic City Phish shows. (LSD)

Here's another one that's on the top 10 of the "loser" list, ew! More chemical poison,  synthetic marijuana / synthetic cannabis

Side effects, synthetic marijuana.

2015, the American Association of Poison Control Centers has received 6,310 calls regarding people suffering the ill effects, problems and physical harm caused by synthetic marijuana use.

Cops don't even get it. The News keeps calling it a high grade heroin. Which I doubt.
Plus, all these users take pills and shoot or snort heroin or cocaine and also drink alcohol with it/when they can't get it. alcoholism

That's some reasons, why there are so many overdoses.

Pharmaceutical drugs, are now the biggest cause of fatal drug overdoses, source: Liz Szabo, USAToday A nationwide system of electronic medical records

Although pharmaceutical drugs may have a place in medicine, ie pain, etc. They're basically just some harsh synthetically created chemical compounds. The Doctors warn, to use only as prescribed and often they also have severe side effects.

Street drugs are definitely Just Some Chemical Junk, that somebody made up, in their basement.

Pharmaceutical drugs are definitely Just Some Chemical Junk, That Some Chemist Made Up In A Pharmaceutical Company's basement.

Neither; are made, from natural substances.

Stay Safe Young People. Live To Get Old, Please!

Also, Very Important-Never Drive While Intoxicated! Not stoned or drunk.  
How Many Drinks Does it Take to Reach 0.08

Marijuana found at the scene of rollover accident on Route 78 in Bloomsbury by Emily Cummins NJ.com July 29 2013

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving Prevention Tools 
Make a Plan and Stick to the Plan!

Exeter High School (New Hampshire)

Peace And Justice
ga Voice of experience here


1603 W Taylor St MC 923
Chicago, IL  60612

CeaseFire; The Campaign To Stop The Shooting, uses a public health model to stop shootings and killings, with a combination of Science and Street Outreach to track where violence is heating up and then cool the situation down. "Spread The Word, Change The Thinking"

Children Learn What They Live by Dorothy Law Nolte


Honky-Tonk Bud jailhouse poem.

Honky-Tonk Bud, the Hip-Cat Stud stood diggin’ a game of pool,
Now Honky wasn't braggin', but his bags was baggin,
And he was feelin' pretty cool,

It was the 15th frame, of a nine ball game, as Honky stood digging his play.

When; with a sudden shrug, he suddenly dug, this strange cat coming his way.

Now this cat, was a funny time cat and he wore a funny time hat.

He wanted to know where Joe was,

Honky said, “Joe’s not around, his bags are down and he ain’t feelin’ too cool,
But if you’re wantin’ to cop some sigh, I’ll cop for you,
'Cause I’m Honky-Tonk Bud the Hip-Cat Stud from Venice Avenue,

And in five seconds flat, Honky was back, pourin’ out smack from a cellophane sack,

He looked at the funny lookin’ guy and says, “Jim, I’m high.”
Jim says, “That’s cool, cause "dig Honky, it's the fbi."

So after three long years at San Quentin, Honky-Tonk Bud the Hip-Cat Stud was once again diggin’ a game of pool,

Now Honky wasn't braggin', but his bags was baggin', and
Once again, he was feelin' pretty cool,

It was the fifteenth frame of a nine ball game when, out the corner of his eye,

Who should he spy but that same funny lookin’ guy,
He wanted to know where Joe was,

Honky says, “Joe’s not around, his bags are down and he ain’t feelin’ too cool,
And if you’re wantin’ to cop some sigh, I’ll tell you right now,

Jim, you a damn fool.”

I love this poem.
It reminds me of a young guy I knew in Bayonne. (NJ)
He told it to me, back in 68'.
Tony, used to say all kinds of wise stuff like; "what goes around comes around, be careful what you wish for you just might get it."
He was murdered about 1970.
So this poem has sentimental value to me.

Don't Smoke Cigarettes.

If people knew what was in cigarettes, they would never smoke.

Burning tobacco generates a smoke that is a toxic cocktail of chemicals that affect not only the smoker, but others as well.

Chemicals in tobacco/cigarette smoke

Acetaldehyde: suspected carcinogen.
Acetone: irritant: can cause kidney and liver damage.
Acrolein: extremely toxic.
Acrylonitrile: suspected human carcinogen.
1-aminonaphthalene: causes cancer.
2-aminonaphthalene: causes bladder cancer.
Ammonia: raises blood pressure.
Benzene: carcinogen.
Benzo[a]pyrene: mutagenic and highly carcinogen 1,3-Butadiene: suspected carcinogen.
Butyraldehyde: damages the lining of nose and lungs.
Cadmium: a heavy metal and highly toxic
Carbon Monoxide: decreases heart and muscle function.
Catechol: causes respiratory tract irritation and dermatitis.
Chromium: heavy metal and carcinogen.
Cresol: causes upper respiratory, nasal and throat irritation.
Crotonaldehyde: thought to interfere with immune function.
Formaldehyde: carcinogen
Hydrogen Cyanide: lethal poison
Hydroquinone: affects central nervous system effects.
Isoprene: irritates skin, eyes and mucous membranes.
Lead: causes brain damage
Methyl Ethyl Ketone: depresses the central nervous system.
Nickel: causes bronchial asthma and is a known carcinogen.
Nicotine: increases in heart rate and blood pressure, addictive element
Nitric Oxide: Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and asthma
NNN, NNK, and NAT: known or possible carcinogens      
Polonium - radioactive
Propionaldehyde: skin, eye and respiratory system irritant
Pyridine: causes eye and upper respiratory tract irritation
Quinoline: causes genetic damage and is a possible carcinogen
Resorcinol: skin and eye irritant
Styrene: carcinogen
Toluene: linked to permanent brain damage.

God's Love We Deliver

One of my favorite charities. I went to College with many of these Volunteers.  Hi Everyone. Love Ya, Miss you all. Especially you Tony (C), Jesus and Jose, George and Family, you too Ben♥

New York


New Jersey Good Samaritan drug overdose Act May 02 2013, signed into law.  A bill that gives people, immunity from arrest if they call 911 to report an overdose, even if they also had used drugs at the time. NJ.com

According to the state Attorney General’s Office, there were 741 heroin-related deaths in New Jersey in 2013, a 160 percent increase since 2010..

Heroin and prescription overdoses rise throughout NJ skyrocket in Ocean County by Star-Ledger Staff June 11 2013 NJ.com

60 fatal drug overdoses-In Ocean County, New Jersey 2014.