Friday, May 1, 2015

My Next Door Neighbors Are Torturing Me!

My apt only 1 bedroom. Hall on inside between apts.


Noun: Torture
The action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone as a punishment or to force them to do or say something, or for the pleasure of the person inflicting the pain.

Synonyms: infliction of pain, abuse, ill-treatment, maltreatment, persecution.
"Acts Of Torture"

The causing of; great physical or mental suffering or anxiety.

Here's the story (short version):

I've got this neighbor. She moved in. Then; she moved her son, his girlfriend (and I'm almost sure,  her boyfriend in too). All; in a, one bedroom 750 sq foot apartment.

Since no one over there; except this woman, is a tenant, no one has a key, so they've been ringing her doorbell (every night/day), to get in. They ring it; at, 2:30 am, 3:45 am, 5:40 am, etc

It's a duplex (side by side apartments with a very small hall in between, aprox 2ftx2ft).

We share a common adjourning wall between apartments. Their doorbells, are on this common wall, in a closet next to the bedroom closets.

This woman and her boyfriend are 70.  The other two, are about 40yrs old.  She's retired but her "guests",  work late afternoon and night shifts. Each,  on a different time.

They come in and out all night long; and every time, ring their apt doorbell.

On average someone goes in and out of her apartment at least 5 times from 12 midnight to 7am. They always ring her doorbell to be admitted. 

Then, she starts having people come over from 7am on and all day. They all ring her doorbell too. She knows I can hear the bell.

I've asked this woman politely on several occasions to please don't have them ring the doorbell late at night and early in the morning.

I told her; that, I can hear it in my apartment and it sounds like my doorbell is ringing and startles me awake.

I asked her to get them keys. She abjectly refused. 

She could have gotten copies made for about $1.50 ea. I had a copy of my key made. (This isn't like some apartments where keys cannot be copied and have to be gotten from Management).

It's ok for them to live with her, but she doesn't trust them with keys?

Instead, this tenant/woman; considers it acceptable to wake me up  every night, multiple times, with the shocking sound of a loud door bell
The doorbell's mechanism; is located in a closet, that is, directly across from my bedroom closets, on the common wall. 

It's a nightmare. Sound comes right through the wall. Sounds like, someone is  screaming in your ear!

It's not like they're quiet, when they come in late at night, either. They start cooking and banging doors. At 3am, sometimes goes on, till 5am and later.

They go in and out, over to our laundry room. Like 3 loads a night. They do laundry every night. Would think they do, with 3 people always living in 2 rooms, a tiny kitchen and bath. (These are the same kind of people who sneer at poor foreigners, for having to crowd together).

This is also a big problem for me. Since the hall is so small and my door isn't air tight, all the smells in the hall come right through my door.

I am constantly, totally, overcome by the smell of their laundry soap. After days of their constantly doing laundry; the chemicals in it, really build up in my apt.

The smell from the detergent, fabric softener completely filled my living room. I cannot  get rid of it for hours. Or of the smell of their damp, smelly laundry when they bring it back in. The smells cling to my clothing and hair, like cigarette smoke does to non smokers.

My heart is racing as I write this. It has been for days. From the constant doorbell ringing and the chemicals in their apartment. I'm also getting a burning pain in my heart, can't breath either.

Also they're using scented candles.

Scented candles are a lease violation. Nothing, that produces smoke or flame is allowed.

Scented candles are mostly petrol-chemicals.

They are also very dangerous.

More so; than, regular candles.

Because the scent is carried in an oil.

Oil spreads a flame very rapidly!

I had a scented candle flare up on me once and the whole glass jar it was in, was filled with a huge flame!

Lucky for me, that the glass didn't break from the heat.

I quickly put a glass ashtray over the top, it made a horrible sizzle and went out.

Again; Lucky for me, my Father was a Fireman.

My Mother always said, "smother a flame. Fire cannot exist without oxygen."  So I did. I'm still shaking and that was,  over,  a year ago!

Every time they open the door I can smell it. I'm sure it's a scented candle.  My heart starts to race from the smell. They're using incense too.

I can't breath from the incense,  the laundry detergent powder molecules flying around and the essential oils in the candles. It  all, also makes my heart race.

All these smells; like dirty laundry, garbage and the chemicals they clean with come right through my apartment door.

Maintenance just put felt weather stripping on the door, but these smells are so pungent they're coming right through it anyway.

Not only are these tenants noisy. They don't use garbage bags. I had to really complain to even get them to put their dirty clothes in a plastic bags. They're using a laundry basket.  Going past my door, 1ft away! You don't want to know.


Sleep Deprivation and Torture

Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Your Health

Understanding Sleep

10 Serious Effects Of Sleep Loss

I gave up even trying to get any REM sleep. They wake me up every 3 to 4 hours, usually, just as I'm starting to dream. That's when they're not waking me up,  just as I'm dozing off. Which they do all the time.

It's deliberate. They want my apartment. (They'll never get it now)The rent is $59 a month. Without gov't subsidy would rent for $750 a month.

It just went down from $95. Of course one has to live next door to people like her.

This woman/next door tenant is a total fool. I'm hoping to move within the next year anyway. 

She might have gotten the apartment. But the Owner will never give it to her now, after all the trouble she's caused.

Getting my apartment, has been this woman's ulterior motive all along.
Small town. She figures she can pull strings and get the son my apartment if she could get rid of me. He must be on the top of the list by now.

So she schemed, lied, talked about me, informed on me, etc,  since the day she moved in.

Then a few months into her tenancy, she became openly hostile. Yelling at me. Knocking on my door. Threatening to have me evicted, saying she's going to call the Police. On me? Oh yeah, as if, they'd even come. For a 65yr old crippled woman.  People really think highly of themselves. That they can just get their neighbors evicted? Same time they're breaking even more property rules?

Those who know me know that I'm not the type to make trouble, but these people are obnoxious and now I'm starting to have physical problems.

I have fibromyalgia and high sugar levels. Stress is not good for me.

They keep shocking me awake; at least, three times every night and the smell from their chemicals is really making me sick.

I told this woman months ago, that she's killing me with the noise and chemical smells. Not to forget the dirty clothing and bad garbage smells. I could tell you what they had for dinner every time. ie They're big meat, beef and fast food eaters and they eat a ton of toast.  

They don't just ring their bell. They ring it real hard, like 3, 4 times. I get scared every time. I kept jumping out of bed and running to my door thinking someone was ringing my bell. 

Being awakened in the middle of the night;  by the sound of a bell, is  something you never get used to.

This totally inflames my condition, (plus my heart is starting to hurt from the tension and the sound of the bell). The past couple of months. It starts to race at the sound of the bell and often won't stop for hours, even days. It hurt for days last week, really bad. It hurts right now. I was fine when I woke up, then she started spraying some orange smelling stuff.

Now I started having panic attacks when it's time to go to sleep and can't breath when they scare me awake. I get a burning feeling in my heart too.

I had sympathy; for the fact; that maybe her relatives are homeless, (or just too cheap to rent an apartment of their own. Probably saving their money to buy a house). For what they spend on constantly doing laundry they could almost pay rent.

Finally, I had to contact property management and complain. 

I'm a pretty patient person, I  kept asking this woman to stop. That didn't work.

I know the Bldg Manager has been trying, to make this woman be quiet at night. But nothing has changed. If anything this tenant next door, is, bolder and worse than ever.

I've only complained to one property manager who knows this woman.

I saw them talking real friendly last year when the management was chasing me because the smoking rules had changed and smoking was no longer allowed. 

This tenant/woman next door was the one who informed management that I was smoking in my apartment.

(Smoking was allowed when I moved in. They changed the rules. Never sent anyone notices. We were supposed to see it in a small paragraph at the bottom of the lease). Read the above post

This woman was out to get me evicted by saying I smoked cigarettes. She smokes and so do her "guests". They're bold. This is what I'm dealing with here. Just trying to deal with this kind of idiocy, is torture in itself.

Yeah people are crazy!

I got a vaporizer and I learned how to use it.

It took me about 6 months to figure out that the tobacco had to be totally dry and ground really fine.

But I figured it out and now I save over, $3,000 a yr and I am down to the amount of tobacco in aprox 5 cigarettes, compared to the 40. The two packs a day I used to smoke.

I'm healthier and wealthier, and my next door neighbor has not been pleased at the results.

She thought,  she was going to get rid of me.

After all; how many people can just stop smoking, on demand?

This tenant thinks she's got some kind of power? Not, she lives in the "Projects."  Albeit; a fancier one than we have in NJ, but  it's still "subsidized housing." She's not doing so well.

She's 70 yrs old, so this is, the last stop for her.

I've only complained to this one manager because, she knows this tenant personally. I figured she won't actually hurt her, just make her comply with most of the terms of the lease, at least.

I just want them to make her shut up and for them, to fix my apartment door, so all their smells stop coming through it. I have less money than this tenant, (they all drive new cars) and I can afford garbage bags.

This tenant knows all they can do is try to evict her and that litigation is a long and somewhat costly process.

Apparently this woman (tenant) has connections that scare the Manager and Property Owners. But she doesn't scare me.

It's like the saying goes; "damned if I do, and damned if I don't, so I will!"

This tenant thinks she can do anything she wants to me and yeah; I can complain to Management, but their not here when she's spraying chemicals in the hall, or taking out the trash, laundry etc without using a garbage bag, or waking me up at 4am with her doorbell.

All methods she uses on a daily basis; to punish me, for wanting a quiet, stink free apartment.

This is an apartment complex; for the elderly, handicapped and disabled. It is not, a hotel, for wayward 40 yr olds. 

By now; I don't care, whether or not they can afford an apartment. There are motels up here that rent for $150 a week. The "guests" both work. They can afford $75 a week each for rent.

I lived in a motel for 2 months when I first moved here. Then in a total slum for 3 more years, waiting to get into this apartment. Before that; I paid $670 a month,  for two rooms in NJ.

They're not even good people. Why should I care? 

Their abuse never stops. It's 24/7. Because they like to fight with people. I did nothing to them. I only asked her to get them keys and stop ringing her doorbell all night long.

All of a sudden, I became their victim?

I'm a peaceful person. Unlike my neighbor, whom is quite violent. She knows her behavior hurts me physically, but continued it anyway.

I don't believe in violence. It's not necessary to use violence to get even.  In NJ they say; "what goes around, comes around." (All by itself).

I just want her, to "STFU. Stop waking me up and to, stop smelling up the shared hallway with her garbage, chemical cleaners, air fresheners etc and laundry.

Note to my next door neighbor