Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm Furiously Angry 9/11 First Responders Not Invited To 10th World Trade Center Memorial Ceremony

They gotta be kidding me! Not inviting The First Responders
And Inviting half the politicians in the country! No way!

9/11 Memorial: First Responders Devastated, From Being Blocked From World Trade Center Memorial
Friday, 9 September 2011

The First Responders Should Have Been Some Of The First To Be Invited To This 10th Memorial Ceremony! What; all the other years it was fine, there was plenty of room for them?

But the 10th Anniversary is a big deal, will get world wide media coverage! All the politicians gotta have their picture taken. Like they care!

Mankind hasn't changed in thousands of years. Still No Room At The Inn!

I've always heard it's bad manners to invite someone somewhere at the last minute, Although I Don't Think Our Heroes, The First Responders Will Refuse. Even At This Late Date.

I Suggest All Our First Responders Be Invited Immediately!

Imagine how all those pictures these politicians can't wait to be in; will look to the world without Our First Responders being in them too! No wonder the world perceives us as weak. (And you'll get the blame Mayor Bloomberg). Because you're the guy in charge.

How are the NYC Police And Fire Departments Taking This News
About First Responders Not Being Invited To The 10th Memorial Service! (what it is; not a photo op)! Not too happily I would think.

NYC Fireman saved my live twice when I lived in NYC! Way back in the 1970's, when I was young, not dumb just stupid.

In a tenement slum. The fire was on the third floor, we were on the fifth. They ran past us coming down at the third floor. And that's exactly what they said "Hurry Up, Hurry Up; Get Out, Get Out, The Whole Thing Could Go"! And that tinder box 125 yr old (at least), building sure could have!

The world will say to themselves; oh boy have we got a bunch of suckers to fleece! This is what the world will see! Because every culture honors its Heroes! Duh!

The Port Authority Police Benevolent Association

D.C. Raymond Downey Scholarship Charity Fund
Post Office Box 223-
Deer Park New York 11729
About the Fund

My Father Was A Fireman In Bayonne, NJ (Hudson County) In The 1930's
(He Drove The Pump Truck). They put out a massive Standard Oil Tank(s) Fire That ran the length of my three mile long town.

New York City Fire Department

FDNY Fire Department City of New York wikipedia

Patrolman's Benevolent Association
40 Fulton Street
New York, NY 10038-1850
Phone (212) 233-5531

God's Love We Deliver is the tri-state area's leading provider of nutritious, individually-tailored
meals to people who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves.

Beautiful *Freddie Mercury And Queen
*We Are The Champions*

Bad Girl* (Who me?) My Song. Not bad, practical. I just tell it like it is. People can interpret it any way they want to. It Is Who I Am. Blame my Mother and Father and The Port Authority And New York City Police,
who spoiled me!

The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform (ILIR) is fighting for the voice of the estimated 50,000 undocumented Irish in the immigration debate.
ILIR IS A Voice for Change

Protective Vests For Police Dogs
Vest N P D P
1201 Vista Dr
Socorro NM 87801
attn: Susie Jean

In Your Opinion.
Will mayor bloomberg Wise Up; And Quidkly Beg 9/11 First Responders To Please Attend The 10th World Trade Center Memorial Service?

Yes, If He's Smart, On His Knees And Grovel For The Over Sight!
Immediately Or Really End Up With Pie On His Face!
blame mayor bloomberg
All Of The Above.