Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Pres. Obama!

Dear President Obama

I Didn't Forget To Wish You A Very, Very, Very, Happy Birthday!

Academic Excellence Plus World Class Performing Arts Training. Combining academic excellence with a disciplined performing arts component, the Talent Development School (TDHS) gives those students with a passion for the performing arts a chance to shine. As a school for years 7-12, Brent Street's TDHS boast a wide range of subjects to ensure each student gets a rounded educational experience while developing their talents in the performing arts.
Brent Street Talent Development School
Sydney, Australia

Christchurch Earthquake Appeal
New Zealand High Commission London, United Kingdom

War In The Ghetto

Don't listen to anyone about us, your grassroots base, We All, Love You Guys and we won't let anyone try and dis-credit you!

Hope You Have A Great Weekend! Happy Birthday!

Your Friend,