Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I Saw Aji's Post; About, Jack and Amanda (VetWife) and their family.

A Native American, Veteran And His Family Need A Hand. 

So sad. So wrong too; that Jack doesn't get the things he needs for basic survival, like help, getting needed medical care. ie VA hospital, is 75 miles away!

The kind of social services so many of us in the US count on, are almost, non-existent  in Florida ie  no Medicaid,  not much Energy Heating/Cooling Assistance, Food Stamp benefit amounts, are minimal too.

They; so, need air conditioning in Florida, for sure! That alone must cost, a couple of hundred a month.

Having to choose between eating and paying, the electric bill, medical bills, rent, etc, should not be happening to anyone in America. Especially, to a Veteran and his family!
Here are the PayPal and GoFundMe links for Vetwife
Vetwife's PayPal address is amandakato@msn.com and when you go to PayPal.com, just click 'Send Money to Family and Friends.'
Choosing the PayPal Option; allows VetWife, to get 100% of the donation.
Enter Vetwife's email address and amount you are sending.  The sender's name is visible to the recipient.

GoFundMe Page for Vetwife. GoFundMe, charges a fee, for the transaction.


Our Veterans and their families should be a top priority to our Government. They should be the first in line to receive help.

I sent $10. Like Aji said, every little bit helps and adds up.

I have it to send; because Kossacks (Folks over at Daily Kos State Of The Nation), told me about vaporizing tobacco and helped keep me, from getting evicted too.
Now I save $300 a month, that I used to throw away on factory manufactured cigarettes.

I decided that Jack needed even more help.

So; I sent Aji's blog post, to Pres Obama. ( the link).

This is what I told Pres:

Dear President Obama,

I know you want to see this.

It's by a Daily Kos Kossack, named Aji. She's posts on blogspot too.

I wanted to share this; so, very sad story with you.

Please help Jack. He needs good and immediate medical care. Now!

It is so wrong; that one of our Veterans, exposed to Agent Orange, no less, should be so badly treated, like this. (*That goes for, the treatment of all our Veterans too).

I know you will help him.

You are doing a fabulous job Pres. They're all so jealous.

Yours truly, Hi to everyone.
Georgia A, always your friend.

Gov't And Social Services Links For Our Marines♥ All Our ♥Troops And ♥Veterans

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