Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ann Dunham; BA, MA, PhD University of Hawaii

Was Too Smart Of A Woman. She would definitely, positively be sure that her Son was born In The United States!

(Kossack FG just commented that Pres Obama's Mother had never even left the US when he was born). But; If she had to. crawl here, (they did have airplanes in 1961) to have Barack born in the United States, she would have. Big Duh!

knows you have to be born of two American citizens or on American soil to be President. And Ann, an educated College student; from The Great State Of Kansas, she, would not be dumb. She would know this.

Hawaii became a state in 1959.

The stupid birther's keep wanting his birth certificate. Because his Father wasn't a citizen, they're trying on, some fantasy about him not being born in Hawaii and that means he's only a naturalized citizen. From what I can understand of this birther nonsense anyhow.

I thought all this birther nonsense was over!

Now it's some Hollywood director made a documentary, some guy wrote a book. blah, blah, blah, and so on. Who are these people anyway. And; The plot. is developing many twists. I read over two hundred mystery novels a couple of summers ago. The only large print books the library had.

I read six huge novels a week. Mystery novels are really cool. So now I'm an expert in this subject too.

Why would I believe a couple of loonies over the word of an educated, self made man (You too Michele and Everyone), like President Obama? Pres has the kind of credentials no one can dispute! And was born an American Citizen and in Hawaii!

Two words for anyone who believes this birther nonsense. -Timothy Leary. You have all officially dropped out of reality.

From, a Child of the Sixties. Don't follow leaders, it don't take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Bob Dylan

the gop, are really all old enough to have to retire by now anyway.

Hang in there Pres, I definitely believe you and nobody fools me. Been there done that, voice of experience here.

The rich has grown accustomed to their high style of living. Too much money and everything that comes with it, has gone to their heads. They think they're smart now.

Believing this birther nonsense after seeing documentation is certifiable! You cannot fake those kind of documents! And how bad do you think Barack really wanted this job?

Another last ditch effort to at least annoy Pres Obama, Really.

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Happy Easter And Passover Everyone. Happy Spring To Secularists. Happy, Happy Kossacks!

And Happy Easter President Obama, Family & Co

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