Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stop Spectra-No Natural Gas Pipeline In NJ & NY

New Jersey Statewide and Regional Organizations And Neighborhood Organizations

Instead of replacing existing old; worn out natural gas distribution pipeline infrastructure under our streets, leading to homes etc with new ones, The US govt is thinking about wasting financial resources by letting Spectra Energy Corp. of Houston, build a new unrelated transmission pipeline!

We don't need any more natural gas pipeline traveling through NJ and NY just so spectra can make a fortune for themselves!

This spectra pipeline is another environmentally disastrous, money making scheme by big oil and gas! The pipeline is unnecessary and no one wants it running through their town. We have enough old, needing replacement, gas lines already. We do not need to build another one; using all kinds of tax breaks, tax payer funds etc, to make big oil even richer!
ie Bayway, NJ  Oil Refinery Port of New York and New Jersey

Boys & Girls Clubs of Hudson County
Jersey City NJ, 07302
phone 201-333-4100 x129

Boys & Girls Clubs of Newark
500 Broad Street, 4th Floor
Newark, NJ 07102
phone 973-273-6400
fax 973-242-8629

The Educational Alliance Manhattan Boys & Girls Clubs
197 East Broadway
New York, NY 10002
phone 212-780-2300

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For All My Friends In Bayonne; I remember I used to walk past with my mother, when I was a little girl and all of you used to say hi to me. I also remember how they chased you out of town just because you were Gypsies. Then you came back and now you own the entire block. Good for you. Thank you for caring about me.

Thousands of European Gypsies (Roma)
in Europe, are suffering from malnutrition and hypothermia, existing in cardboard communities on landfills and urban ghetto holding pens they call home. They have no electricity, running water, education or medical care. Please help end their suffering and act NOW...

Please Send A Dollar
Or A Donation To
Righting the Roma Foundation
B-4810 Mary Street
Port Alberni BC
V9Y 7H2
phone 1-250-724-6438
e mail rightingtheroma@shaw.ca

Love, Peace And Justice

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