Thursday, August 5, 2010

Today's Children Deserve A Chance!

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Explore, learn, and have fun!

Kids In Need Foundation

* Has distributed more than $300 million in school supplies to low-income schools free of charge
* Serves 1.6 million students and 100,000 teachers annually
* Has awarded $1 million in grants to teachers

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African Children's Choir

I learned how to blog in 08.
Just the story of my second hand computer, that crashed every two minutes would take forever to tell.
I have a friend a computer tech, who taught me how to blog and everything I know.

Back in 08 I decided to make a blog of good music for our Service People. We all know how terrible the radio is!
I also decided to blog about social issues. It's really bad out there!

I'm from Bayonne, NJ and I know how bad the people are being led astray by drugs and ignorance of their danger!

Darn, in yesterday's Star Ledger, a lawyer is going to jail for violating probation on a methamphetamine charge!

Methamphetamine is some chemicals made in a beaker!
I wouldn't put poison like that in my body!

I grew up in the sixties! Most of us never stood a chance!

I have a BA in Sociology and I know how to use it!

I am bitter at the way society fed my generation the idea that drugs and partying were the cool way to act.
Now the world has finally degenerated to a degree where the oppression is intolerable!
We're going backwards!

So naturally, being a Sociologist
(even if I don't work).
Gives me the knowledge, to observe, critique and analyze.

Being a Hippie I do my research for the people.
I don't need it.
My blogs just grew by themselves. I have tons of the best music videos and many good links about financial aid, immigration, food banks, employment training and lots of Veterans information too.

People Are My Passion. I Am Lucky In Love and that's it!

Ever Since I started, it's a compulsion and keeps me occupied.
I decided to give the world my take on how to have a good life.
I temporarily have a lot of time on my hands, a good computer, and a computer tech who works cheap.

So I created my blog to share. To give back what the world has given me!
I try.

I wrote War In The Ghetto for all the young kids who are getting sucked into drugs, alcohol, anything that takes their attention away from Achieving, Surviving!

War In The Ghetto

I made pages for our Troops and Veterans too.
The Kids on the streets and our Military, are the two reasons I started to blog!