Friday, June 4, 2010

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There are 72 million children out of school across the world.
That's more than all the children that are primary school across Europe, USA, Canada, Australia combined. The world has the opportunity to ensure that every child has an education, and the chance to beat poverty.

World leaders have the power, the resources, and the knowledge to achieve education for all.
1GOAL will be asking all leaders to make Education for All a reality. In order for us to achieve our 1GOAL we need your help and your support. Join1GOAL and help achieve Education to End Poverty.

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Playing for Change
Through Music
Song Around the World
*Chanda Mama

Beautiful *Tula and all the Others too.
My heart does go out to the people of Israel. They are all such victims! They speak out, but the Israeli government, like our previous administration ignores them.

Playing For Change * Connecting The World Through Music

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*Give the Gift of Hope*

Surprise Your Loved Ones, (who always return everything you buy anyhow).
With a gift of hope for those in need, in their honor

Ways To Give

Please send a dollar to
Save the Children U.S. Headquarters
54 Wilton Road
Westport, CT 06880
attn For All Children Children
In Palestine, Gaza and West Bank

(203) 221-4030 (8:00AM - 5:00PM EDT)
(800) 728-3843 (8:00AM - 5:00PM EDT)

The computer is the invention that saves the world! Communication is the answer. The world seems to have stopped communicating. We had some breakthroughs in understanding each other but the ability for people to communicate seems to have really slowed down.

I told my computer tech guy that I was on a Mission to save the world. I cannot stand the craziness any more.

I thought maybe people just don't understand maybe if someone just tells them they will understand!

So I decided why not. I'm good at telling people what I think. All my life, every time someone gets in trouble they run to me for help.

I would like to see everyone in the world have a decent home, food, clothing, medicine all the things most people have. But there are places in the world where they have no water, food, anything!

This is why the world is always fighting. The poor want the rich to give back a little of what they stole from them.

I Hear Them All! There are a lot of Revolutionaries out here.

I'm with you President Obama, I'm definitely ready to change the world. Just point me in the right direction!

Please Send A Dollar To
Rainforest Action Network

221 Pine Street, 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104 USA
415 398-4404
415 398-2732 fax

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One Laptop Per Child


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