Thursday, March 24, 2016

Assumption Church Parishioners-Bayonne, Hudson County NJ. This Is Your Big Chance. Occupy Now!

Bayonne, NJ (07002) 10 Day Weather Forecast
Easter Sunday March 27th 52 degrees 0% chance of rain 60% Humidity

Note To: Our Lady Of Assumption Parishioners Bayonne

I have good ideas. I’m always just way ahead of everything always!
Me; personally, I’d have been Occupying since they closed Assumption’s doors in December. But the weather; was not, cooperative, so that wasn’t possible.

But now,; this week (and from here on out), good weather even if you all spill out into the streets, just hanging out, party weather.

Now, the weather is perfect. 

This Is Your Big Chance.

It’s Officially Easter Week!


Get All Your Friends And Relatives,

Fill, Mt Carmel, St Mary’s And St Andrews Church(s) With Parishioners, At Every Mass!

You can do it. 
Dress warm. Go get some thermal shirts, if you feel the cold easily. they'll all be on sale by now. 

It’s like a sign from God, this beautiful balmy weather so people can easily Occupy at the holiest time of the year.

Just as; Jesus Occupied Palestine, you should show the Archdiocese, in the strongest possible way, that you want your Church back!
Get the media involved.
NYC/NJ News Sources

✰Archdiocese Of Newark, NJ-Please Do Not Close Assumption Church✰

This is your chance make a big show.

Keep up the pressure on the Archdiocese.

I, would start this Protest, Now.  Easter And I Would Continue it,  Every Saturday And Sunday (*All The Masses, And Whenever Else Possible), Until The Archdiocese Gives In!

You have a lot of people. Even if you only pack Mount Carmel Church it will show, the Church is too small for all of you.

And why should you have to travel all the way downtown, in weather like this past winter? That would be a hardship and definitely cut back on Church attendance.

As long as you still have the Church Property, you all still have a good chance.
It would appear the Archdiocese has no real plans.

After all; it would be an atrocity, to tear down that beautiful building!

The land itself, isn't worth that much.

Even 1/2 a block in Bayonne, isn't.

It's not, in, the best financial interest, of the Town or Archdiocese, to destroy, the Community, by desecrating this beautiful Church!

I was right when i told the Archdiocese, they would have to heat the building all winter anyway. For sure!

✰In Memory Of;  Joe Zicarelli,
A Good Man✰