Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I wouldn't believe all that stuff you hear; about NJ Senator Bob Menendez, being a crook.

Note To Dept Of Justice

I know; all about, Senator Robert Menendez.

I'm from Hudson County. Bayonne, NJ. I remember Menendez from way back, when he had his first office on Bergenline Ave in Union City.

Union City is two bus rides, aprox 1/2 hour away from where I lived.

I know Bob Menendez, been following him for over 35 years.
He's A Democrat, A Liberal, And In His Own Way, " A Revolutionary".

We Love You Bob. We Know Your Innocent.
But; Senator Menendez, not everyone, is going to love you.

They tried it on; with Pres Obama, they tried it on,  with Hilary.

You're Just too popular.

So now;  they're trying it, on you.

People who know you; don't believe, none, of the lies they're trying to  sell.

We were there!

It's All About Politics. Someone, Wants To Get Rid Of Bob. 

 Look At That Face. That Is Not, The Face Of A Crook!

Concerning The Indictment:

To break it down:
The indictment charged Menendez with 14 counts, including bribery, conspiracy, and making false statements.

I read the story before and it's full of holes.

Allegedly; Sen Menendez received bribes from Melgen. 

ie A trip(s) on Melgen's private jet (no extra cost involved). What would Menendez declare. Had a good time, priceless?

Wow; three whole nights at a five-star Paris hotel!

A round of golf at a private club in West Palm Beach and access to an exclusive Dominican resort (again Meglen owned, no cost).

Supposedly; some of these gratuities, Menendez allegedly, didn't disclose on financial disclosure forms. Seriously.  And it cost how much to bring this indictment to trial?

I don't see anything, to disclose. If there's no actual cost/what is the value? 
A trip with a rich friend, visiting with them at their home, playing golf with a rich friend?
Is a politician not allowed to have a private life? 

Menendez helped acquire visas for several of Melgen's girlfriends. Really, stretching it much?

That's all the JD's got.

Except; alleged, "influence peddling".

If Menendez wasn't so honest; I would be saying he sounds just like every politician, Democrat or Republican, I've ever heard of.

I read all about it, as it happened. I know my, NJ players.

Menencez has been friends with this Melgen, for 20 yearsSo Sen Menendez, took a few calls from a donor, he had a friendly acquaintance with.

First; politicians; take political donations all the time. They also; help constituents, whether they know they personally or not.

In NJ, they have a pay for play law, to allow these kinds of donations. It looks like Melgen's donations were well within those limits too.

Second; whatever crimes Melgen may have committed without Sen Menendez's knowledge, have no bearing on this case, what so ever! That's another, of many falsehoods in this story.

Finally; Menendez only got indicted, because someone wanted to get him (not Obama administration. DOJ just happens to be operating under current President, but they are an entity to themselves. DOJ decides on indictments, has nothing to do with Pres Obama).

Questions were raised. The Department of Justice (DOJ), can't appear to be biased in anyone's favor. An indictment was issued and now Senator Menendez can clear his name.

A few reasons; why Senator Menendez, may not be so popular with some people, politicians, whatever.