Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I wouldn't believe all that stuff you hear; about NJ Senator Bob Menendez, being a crook.


Note To Dept Of Justice

I know; all about, Senator Robert Menendez.

I'm from Hudson County. Bayonne, NJ. I remember Menendez from way back, when he had his first office on Bergenline Ave in Union City.

Union City is two bus rides, aprox 1/2 hour away from where I live.

I know Bob Menendez, been following him for over 35 years. He's A Democrat, A Liberal, And In His Own Way, " A Revolutionary".

We Love You Bob. We Know Your Innocent.
But; Senator Menendez, not everyone, is going to love you.

You're Just too popular. People who know you; don't believe, none, of the lies they're trying to  sell.

We were there!

It's All About Politics. Someone, Wants To Get Rid Of Bob. 

Look At That Face. That Is Not, The Face Of A Crook!

Concerning The Indictment

To break it down
The indictment charged Menendez with 14 counts, including bribery, conspiracy, and making false statements.

I read the story before and it's full of holes.

Allegedly; Sen Menendez received bribes from Melgen. 

ie A trip(s) on Melgen's private jet (no extra cost involved).

Wow; three whole nights, at a five-star Paris hotel! (Melgen paid for with credit card points. No cost).

A round of golf at a private club in West Palm Beach and access to an exclusive Dominican resort (again; Meglen owned, no cost).

Supposedly; some of these gratuities, Menendez allegedly, didn't disclose on financial disclosure forms. 

What would Menendez declare. Had a good time, priceless? Seriously

I don't see anything, to disclose. If there's no actual cost/what is the value? 

A trip with a rich friend, visiting with them at their home, playing golf with a rich friend?

Is a politician not allowed to have a private life? 

Menendez helped acquire visas for several of Melgen's girlfriends. 

Really, stretching it much?

That's all the JD's got.

Except; alleged, "influence peddling".

*If Menendez wasn't so honest; I would be saying he sounds just like every politician, Democrat or Republican, I've ever, heard of.

I read all about this story, as it happened.

I know my, NJ players.

First; Menencez has been friends with this Melgen, for 20 years.

So Sen Menendez, took a few calls from a donor, he had a friendly acquaintance with.

Politicians often help constituents and non-constituents. Whether they know they personally, or not.

In NJ, they have a pay for play law, to allow donations. It looks like Melgen's donations were well within those limits too.

Second; whatever crimes Melgen may have committed without Sen Menendez's knowledge, have no bearing on this case, what so ever! That's another, of many falsehoods in this story.

Finally; Menendez only got indicted, because apparently, someone wanted to get him.  

Questions were raised. 

The Department of Justice (DOJ), can't appear to be biased in anyone's favor.  

So; an indictment was issued and now, Senator Menendez can clear his name, once and for all.

A few reasons; why Senator Menendez, may not be so popular with some people, politicians, whatever.