Wednesday, January 7, 2015

☂Let's See If We Can Make The Gop Cry☂

Show video below, to The House and Senate. Lets see if it doesn't make even the republicans cry.(Got the idea from a Kossack; over at DKos, who commented in one of my posts, that this song makes her cry. I looked but can't find their name).

I finally just got a chance to watch it all the way through and it makes me sentimental too.

So I figured, lets try it out on the gop and see if it makes any changes in their way of thinking.

At least; maybe we can get a couple of them, to cry. I know, I'm so bad! (revenge for gop cuts in social services to the poorest). Hoping for a torrent. I've got my umbrellas ready.

Warning-Definite Tearjerker!

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