Saturday, May 3, 2014

♥Free Cecily McMillan♥ Pack The Court-Sentencing Hearing/Monday May 19th

Governor Cuomo-Pardon Cecily McMillan Now! Sign Petition/To Governor Andrew Cuomo; Freedom, Leniency and Pardon Cecily McMillan
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Pack the courtroom again at Cecily's sentencing hearing on May 19th. Her sentence ranges anywhere from 2-7 years and possibility of probation.

This is especially important since Cecily has been remanded and immediately sent to Riker's until then, and it will be an opportunity for her to see how much we all still love and support her.

We must remain calm and respectful in the courtroom to set a good image for ourselves.

Everyone should wear business casual clothing. For more information on developments in the trial and a collection of press attention, please check out

Sentencing Hearing
100 Centre St
Part 41 (room 1116) 
Monday-May 19th 2014
9:30 am
There will be breakfast beforehand.

Support Cecily McMillan by watching this video on her assault by an nypd officer in 2012, then write a letter requesting leniency for her May 19, 2014 sentencing. Send a Letter to Judge Zweibel

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Peace And Justice,