Friday, February 1, 2013

Jersey City NJ Sues In Federal Court To Stop spectra's natural gas [transportation] pipeline

For ♥All My Friends In New Jersey, New York♥ And Everywhere♥ Or; It Ain't Over, Till It's Over. Stop spectra natural gas [transportation] pipeline!

And ♥For My Grandfather Michael Murphy. He worked on the Central Railroad; (in Jersey City), 100 years ago. Unloading box cars with a big hook. He and his fellow workers, sweltered in the summer and froze in the winter!


 No spectra pipeline Manhattan Side PSA

Sane Energy Project Facebook

December 2012, Jersey City filed a lawsuit in Federal Court to halt construction of spectra's proposed pipeline. Jersey City Official Website

Stop Spectra! Contact The Government

State Government Offices Local US Government, City Government And Federal Government

Detailed Maps-Proposed Pipeline Route

The Danger

What a Pipeline Explosion Looks Like Edison, New Jersey

Natural Gas Spectra Energy Delayed Critical Natural Gas Pipeline Repairs, Maintenance for Years in Pennsylvania

Contact Spectra Energy Watch. Where Eminent Domain Meets Grassroots & Social Media.

Occupy Spectra NYC Aug 11, 2012 Occupy and NYC residents out in force to oppose the construction of an explosive pipeline that proposes to deliver radon-infested fracked gas from the Marcellus.

The Statue Of Liberty Thanks You All For Your Activism

Peace And Justice, ga*